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Omni-Kix Heatblast is the Omnitrix's Omni-Kix version of Heatblast.


Omni-Kix Heatblast is enveloped from head to toe in Omni-Kix armor. His head is encased in an orange helmet, with his flame still being cast out, which has a lighter orange visor with yellow dots for eyes and three grillplates as a mouthguard. His neck and shoulders are covered by orange plating. His right arm has white segmented armor and an orange gauntlet for his hand, while his left arm ends instead in an orange cannon, with the middle portion containing parts of Heatblast's inner magma body, that functions as a flamethrower. His white torso piece is separated from his neck piece by metal tubes that also go around to his back. His legs are covered by white armor plating for his thighs and dark orange for his knees, shins and feet, with two sets of metal tubes connecting the thighs and shins together.

Omni-Kix Heatblast wears the Omnitrix symbol on his chest, connected to two metal tubes.

Powers and Abilities

Omni-Kix Heatblast shares the same abilities as his default form, namely his pyrokinesis.

Omni-Kix Heatblast is more durable due to his Omni-Kix armor.

With the Omni-Kix Armor, Omni-Kix Heatblast can use his flamethrower on his left hand to shoot fireballs or a stream of flames.

Omni-Kix Heatblast has the capability of flight.


Omni-Kix Heatblast shares the same weaknesses as his default form, namely water.


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Ben 10

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