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Omni-Kix Four Arms is the Omnitrix's Omni-Kix version of Four Arms.


Omni-Kix Four Arms is covered from head to toe in Omni-Kix armor. His helmet is red and has black protrusions resembling the head stripes on his normal counterpart as well as two green visors, with the mandible area being further reinforced by darker red plating. His shoulders, forearms and hands are covered by white plating, with his wrists having additional red plating. His torso and legs are encased primarily in black armor, with a red plate running across his chest, red thigh holsters, kneecaps and toe coverings and grey shin guards.

Omni-Kix Four Arms wears the Omnitrix symbol on his chest.

Powers and Abilities


Launching his fists

Omni-Kix Four Arms shares the same abilities as his default form, namely his enhanced strength.

Omni-Kix Four Arms is more durable thanks to his Omni-Kix armor.

Omni-Kix Four Arms has the ability to launch his fists like rockets and then reattach them at will.


Omni-Kix Four Arms shares the same weaknesses as his default form; namely, his large size makes him a slow and easy target.

Omni-Kix Four Arms's large size also prevents him from accessing certain areas that prove to be too small for him.


Ben 10


Ben 10

Season 4


  • Omni-Kix Four Arms was the first Omni-Kix alien to appear after Ben unlocked the Omni-Kix feature.
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