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Omni-Enhanced Wildvine is the Upgraded Omnitrix's Omni-Enhanced version of Wildvine.


Omni-Enhanced Wildvine appears like his regular form, but with the addition of gray armor over his torso that forms large venus flytrap-like decorations over his shoulders. He has armor on his forearms and calves and two large blue energy limbs protruding from his back.

While under the influence of Tim Buktu, Omni-Enhanced Wildvine's eye glowed purple.

Omni-Enhanced Wildvine wears the Omnitrix symbol on his chest.

Powers and Abilities

Omni-Enhanced Wildvine share the same abilities as his default form namely his ability to grow and retract his body, growing vines, and regeneration.
  • Enhanced Strength
  • Vine Generation
  • Elasticity

Omni-Enhanced Wildvine can endure more damage than his normal form due to the rock armor he has.

Omni-Enhanced Wildvine's energy limbs are far more durable than his vines, as well as being electrically charged.


Omni-Enhanced Wildvine shares the same weaknesses as his default form namely the risk of his vines being tangled.

Wildvine's vines are not indestructible and can be torn if pulled too much.[1]
  • Stretching Limit


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  • Omni-Enhanced Wildvine first appeared in Battle at Biggie Box, where he tried to stop bookshelves from falling onto people.
  • In Safari Sa'Bad, Omni-Enhanced Wildvine attacked the Congo whilst under the influence of Tim Buktu, but eventually broke free from his control after Grandpa Max destroyed Tim's puppet of Ben. Shortly afterwards, he saved Gwen and all the little kids on the boat from falling down a waterfall and captured Tim.
  • In All Koiled Up, Omni-Enhanced Wildvine battled King Koil and his giant lizard monster.


Ben 10

Season 2


  • The venus flytrap-style shoulder flares are a reference to Wildvine's appearance in the original continuity.


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