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It's not Stinkfly, but bigger guns means more Overflow!

– Omni-Enhanced Overflow.[1]

Omni-Enhanced Overflow is the Upgraded Omnitrix's Omni-Enhanced version of Overflow.


Omni-Enhanced Overflow appears similar to regular Overflow but with gray rock armor covering his head, torso, and legs. He also has a moss-like substance and two energized water cannons on his back.[merch 1][merch 2]

Omni-Enhanced Overflow wears the Omnitrix symbol on his chest.

Powers and Abilities[]

Omni-Enhanced Overflow shares the same abilities as his default form.

Omni-Enhanced Overflow's natural durability has been increased due to the extra rock armor covering his body in addition to his armored exoskeleton. He also possesses enhanced strength.[1]

Omni-Enhanced Overflow is outfitted with a pair of energized water cannons on his back, which allow him to shoot out large amounts of water[2] or strong gusts of air,[3] propel himself into the air, and create ice walls.[1][4]

Omni-Enhanced Overflow can channel electricity through the water fired from his cannons.[merch 1][merch 2]



Constrained In Tight Spaces

Omni-Enhanced Overflow shares the same weakness as his default form.

Omni-Enhanced Overflow's cannons and size prevent him from entering small and cramped spaces.



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