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The Omni-Enhanced forms were a malfunction[DR 1] that enhanced aliens using Fulmini DNA and was formerly available in the Omnitrix. This malfunction was created after Upgrade was used to upgrade the Omnitrix in Omni-Tricked: Part 4. After that, Upgrade was removed from the Omnitrix's main playlist.

Concept and Activation[]


Wildvine being consumed by blue energy

Sometimes when transforming into an alien it will get consumed by plasma energy and rock. This would happen at random.[DR 2] The transformations would get new powers and equipment that far enhances their overall capabilties for offensive and defensive combat. The Omni-Enhanced forms are a makeshift arsenal of the alien's technology that would be needed if the situation is too much. Omni-Enhanced Grey Matter gains a charged rocky mech that increases the size where regular Grey Matter always find issues with combat.

In Innervasion Part 4: Mind Over Alien Matter, Glitch revealed that when Ben used Upgrade to enhance the Omnitrix, it rebooted and destroyed Upgrade's DNA pod, with a part of it fusing with Ben's DNA in order to survive, resulting in the creation of Glitch. Glitch then had to replace the missing alien DNA pod with another alien, being Shock Rock. However, due to Shock Rock's DNA pod's abilities allowing it to absorb the excess energy from the Omnitrix, it resulted in the other alien's DNA randomly receiving enhancements charged with Fulmini energy, resulting in the Omni-Enhanced Forms. When the Omnitrix rebooted itself at the end of season 2, it purged the excess energy from Shock Rock's pod, fixing the malfunction that caused the Omni-Enhancements and effectively removing them.

Omni Enhanced Aliens[]

Naming and Translations[]

Language Name Origin
Portuguese (Br) Omni-Tunados From tunado, tuned
In some merchandise released in 2018, they were referred to as "Omni-Desenvolvidos", a more literary translation of the original[merch 1]



Duncan Rouleau[]


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