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Omni-Enhanced Cannonbolt is the Omnitrix's Omni-Enhanced version of Cannonbolt.


Omni-Enhanced Cannonbolt wears a large gray, blue, and green rock helmet around his body that completely covers his top and back. There are blunt rock spines sticking out of it.

Omni-Enhanced Cannonbolt wears the Omnitrix symbol on his chest.

Powers and Abilities[]

Omni-Enhanced Cannonbolt retains all of his original powers, such as being able to curl into a ball, where he can move at great speeds within this form and even increase his rotational momentum in order to slam into and/or run over enemies. However, his enhancements further increase the impact of said attacks, and additionally give him a charge whilst rolling in sphere form.

While rolling, Omni-Enhanced Cannonbolt also makes motor noises and produces two trails of blue light from the two spikes on his sides.

The spikes running along Omni-Enhanced Cannonbolt's back (and around him in sphere form) can be fired out as explosive missiles.


Omni-Enhanced Cannonbolt has the same weaknesses as the default form, namely his being subjected to the physical laws of reflection and conservation of momentum, meaning that he subsequently has a more difficult time stopping or controlling his direction if he increases his speed too much.


Ben 10[]

  • Omni-Enhanced Cannonbolt first appeared in Screamcatcher, where he defeated Hex in the dreamworld.
  • In Vote Zombozo, Omni-Enhanced Cannonbolt fought Zombozo until he tried to flee.
  • In King Koil, Omni-Enhanced Cannonbolt battled King Koil, but failed to defeat him before timing out.


Ben 10[]

Season 2[]


  • Omni-Enhanced Cannonbolt is similar to Ultimate Cannonbolt due to being a powered up version of Cannonbolt with spikes.
    • Also, Omni-Enhanced Cannonbolt can fire his spikes, something Ultimate Cannonbolt is implied to be capable of doing.[ES 1]


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