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The Omni-Copter is a helicopter that Phil Billings gifted the Tennysons so they can travel across the world.


The Omni-Copter is a twin-bladed tilt-rotor aircraft with three blades on each wing. The nosecone and some framework are navy blue, and the cockpit roof is cyan. Dull blue is used on the prop turbines and twin pylons around the sides of the cockpit, plus the rooftop hatch. The tailfin assembly, side pylons, and patchwork up top are silver, and the vehicle is covered in olive and green stripes and panels. The turbines have orange lights and black three-bladed props. The copter can also have the Rustbucket latched under the hull.


  • Remote control: The Omni-Copter has a remote control feature where you can pilot it from outside the vehicle.
  • Autopilot: The Copter can fly on its own without being driven, when summoned by a button the Rustbucket, it can pick up the location and latch on to it and fly it.
  • GPS: The Copter has a Global positioning system that can help Team Tennyson navigate when flying.
  • Flight log: The Copter has a system which can tell where they have traveled, and their recent paths.
  • Located in the copter, there is a button which opens a hatch that allows Glitch to come out of.
  • Lockdown: When activated, the who Copter locks down and cannot be accessed from anyone in the outside, unless activated by the remote.



This is where the ship is piloted, it has six seats and a control panel. also has a window that you can see out of when piloting the vehicle.

Living Room

This is a room where there is couches and is right behind he cockpit.


The kitchen is located within the living room, it has an oven and stove.


Here the inhabitant can use the bathroom as if it were any normal one.


Max and Phil were very secretive until its unveiling, and while Gwen was excited by the new destinations, Ben was more focused on trying out the Omnitrix's new aliens. Testing Slapback turned out to be a mistake when Steam Smythe attacked the copter, and after some trouble, they managed to steady it and take out his airship with Cannonbolt. It would appear several times outside their hometown.


Ben 10

Season 3

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