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Oliver is a boy who appeared in Brief Career of Lucky Girl.


He is a blond boy with glasses. He has a mole on his right cheeck. He wears a white shirt with a yellow tie and a light brown diver over it. Above the diver is a blue suit with gold sleeves.


Oliver cared about Merlin's Wand before even knowing it was a real wand, as seen when he didn't want to trade Hex for other magical items. He doesn't seem to be able to tell the difference reality and special effects, thinking all the magic Hex did and Ben's transforming were special effects and "LARPing" (Live Action Role Playing).

Powers and Abilities


Oliver has Merlin's Wand, a magical artifact of great power.


In Brief Career of Lucky Girl, Oliver was at a cosplay convention, LARPing. Hex saw him with Merlin's Wand, and offered him a trade for other magical artifacts. Oliverse refused to make any deal, so Hex tried taking it by force. Ben tried to stop Hex, and Gwen used a fake wand to trick Hex into thinking it was the real Wand of Merlin. Oliver ran away when Gwen and Ben fought Hex and his magic goblin. Oliver later figured out that his wand really was magical, and he went back to the convention to fight Hex's goblin, and took it apart into peices, being cheered by the crowd.


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