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Ole! is the first Ben 10 comic story published in the Cartoon Network Action Pack series (based on the original series), published by DC and Cartoon Network. This comic appears in issue 2 of the series.[1]


Ben, Gwen, and Max are on a trip to 'El Guapo', Mexico to see an authentic bull fight, to which Ben shows apathy towards -with Gwen chalking that up to him not knowing Spanish.

Meanwhile, in a nearby lab, Señor Chaos (a local celebrity matador) is making his final touches to his remotely controlled 'Robotic Bull'. He does this so that he can become the greatest bull-fighter that the world's ever seen.

The Tennyson trio soon reach the arena, where Max reads a pamphlet introducing Señor Chaos- who soon makes an entrance and starts the fight. Things instantly take a bad turn, as Señor Chaos presses a button on the remote the Bull is caused to get out of control and starts smashing apart the arena.

Ben uses the Omnitrix to turn into Grey Matter to deal with the threat, and to jump into the fray of things, attaching himself to the Bull's head, hoping to attack its pressure points (not knowing at this point, that the Bull is a mechanical one). Things go out of control when Ben loses his grip and gets flung onto a pile of wooden planks.

Max and Gwen reach Ben, as he transforms back, but find the Bull is now rampaging around the town, attacking people. Ben turns into Four Arms and headbutts the Bull with such force that the Bull smashes apart, revealing that it's mechanical origins. And as Señor Chaos is getting arrested for his crimes, Ben is left with a comical concussion.




Aliens Used


  • Grey Matter and Four Arms' emblems for the Omnitrix are seen as green and grey in the comic, where as in the show itself, while transformed as an alien, the emblem appears as white and grey.
  • On page 5 of the story, when Grey Matter "SPLORT"s against the wall, his Omnitrix symbol appears as very small, unlike the size of the emblem in the original series, taking up a much larger portion of his back.
  • 'Greymatter' is typed as one word as opposed to the usual two.
  • No attempt is made to hide Ben's identity when he transforms in public, though this can be seen as more of a subjective oversight, than an error.
  • Ben transforms directly from Grey Matter to Four Arms, with seemingly little time passing. At this point in the series, the Omnitrix had a cool-down to its abilities.


  • Ben uses the phrase "ready to rumble", which was the boxing announcer -Michael Buffer-'s trademarked catchphrase. This was used again for a later Season 4 episode of the original series.
  • Bull fights have been referenced a couple of times throughout the franchise, notably during Zombozo's Circus performance in Last Laugh, as well as when Todd is "cow" tipping at the pre-credits sequence of Under Wraps.

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