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The Null Void Incarcecon is a prison that first appeared in Vendetta. It is a base built on top of an asteroid, floating in the Null Void.


5 years prior to Alien Force

Kwarrel helped Kevin recover from his first mutation of absorbing energy from the Omnitrix. Morgg, a guard at that time, didn't like that Kwarrel was helping the other prisoners. During a comotion in the prison yard, Kwarrel and Kevin had tried to escape Incarcecon. Morgg took this opportunity to kill Kwarrel, who died giving Kevin a chance to escape. Kevin regretted his decision to save himself ever since.

Later, Morgg became the warden and fired the previous guards, replacing them with robots so they won't turn against him and no one would report his illegal acts. He then began using the prisoners as slave labor in order to mine for an alien drug-dust found inside the asteroid this Incarcecon branch was built on.

Alien Force

Ragnarok escaped the Null Void Incarcecon.

Ultimate Alien

Ultimate Kevin had returned to this branch in order to get his revenge on Morgg, for killing Kwarrel, five years ago. Ben and Gwen visited this Incarcecon, looking for Kevin. After Morgg was defeated and his operations ceased, the prisoners revolted against the robotic guards and many escaped Incarcecon. Quince, another friend of Kwarrel's, assured Gwen and Ben that the prisoners were still in the Null Void and would be rounded up when order was restored.

Notable Employees

  • Morgg (prison guard, later warden; formerly)

Notable Prisoners

Notable Visitors


Ben 10: Alien Force

Ben 10: Ultimate Alien

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