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The Null Void Incarcecon[1][2] is a prison that first appeared in Vendetta. It is a branch of the Incarcecon prisons, built on top of an asteroid floating in the Null Void.


A Few Years Prior to Ultimate Alien[]

Kevin Levin, after being imprisoned in the Null Void with Vilgax, was somehow brought to the Null Void Incarcecon. While initially being very hostile towards his fellow prisoners, one prisoner named Kwarrel got through to him and helped him control both his anger and his first mutation caused by absorbing energy from the Omnitrix. Morgg, a guard at that time, didn't like that Kwarrel was helping the other prisoners. Morgg orchestrated a commotion in the prison yard, which Kwarrel saw as an opportunity to escape Incarcecon, using a tunnel he was secretly digging, and take Kevin with him. Morgg, having known about the tunnel for months, intercepted them and fought with Kwarrel, who died by Morgg's hands while giving Kevin a chance to escape. Kevin regretted his decision to save himself ever since.

Later, Morgg rose to the position of warden and made some extreme changes to Incarcecon. He fired all the previous guards, replacing them with humanoid robots. He then began using the prisoners as slave labor to mine underneath the facility, as a blue hallucinogenic dust was found in deposits of the asteroid the prison was built on, which Morgg could illegally sell as drugs and use the prison as a front for. The robots were used so that they wouldn't turn against Morgg or report his illegal acts. Morgg then enforced a policy that Incarcecon was off-limits to Plumber visitation. Any prisoners that were to be transferred to Incarcecon would be sent via one-way teleport, with no way to beam out of the prison.

Alien Force[]

Ragnarok, after spending some time in the prison, made his escape. He used his energy beams to destroy robot guards, blow a hole in the facility wall, and jump the outer fence of the prison. From there, he slipped past the group of Null Guardians guarding an escape portal.

Ultimate Alien[]

After becoming Ultimate Kevin, Kevin returned to the prison and joined the working prisoners, aiming to get close to Morgg and kill him, as revenge for killing Kwarrel a few years ago. Ben and Gwen teleported into the facility to warn Morgg of danger and secretly find Kevin, feigning lack of knowledge of the prison's one-way teleport system. Morgg escorted them to temporary living quarters, locking the door to avoid them finding out about the prison's secret operations. They broke the door and searched for Kevin in the mines. Morgg caught them and ordered the guards to kill them. Ben, as Humungousaur, fought them off and accidentally experienced the hallucinogenic properties of the drug dust. Realizing Morgg had turned to drug trafficking, Ben and Gwen captured him and prevented Kevin from hurting him. Kevin fled; meanwhile all the fighting in the mines had destabilized the structure of the prison, which allowed all of the prisoners to run away free, save for Quince. Gwen contemplated going after them, but Ben said not to bother, as still being stuck in the Null Void was prison enough.

Known Employees[]

NIBaC (309)

Morgg with his robotic prison guards

  • Morgg (prison guard, later warden; formerly)
  • Prison Guards (formerly)
  • Robotic Prison Guards

Known Prisoners[]

Known Visitors[]


Alien Force[]

Season 2[]

Ultimate Alien[]

Season 2[]


  • The existence of this prison and its rules of jurisdiction are odd, given the fact that the Incarcecon system typically operates only in space, while the Null Void is reserved for use by the Plumbers.[pop-up 1][3]



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