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The Null Void. An alternate dimension where the galaxy's worst-of-the-worst are banished.

Vilgax to Kevin 11.[1]

The Null Void is an alternate dimension that is not part of the branching timestream.[DJW 1] Null Guardians are the guards of this dimension.


Access to the Null Void is typically achieved through the use of a device known as the "Null Void Projector," which creates a portal between dimensions. During their tenure in the Plumbers, Max Tennyson and his former partner Phil Billings owned one such projector and used it to trap thousands of aliens within the Null Void.[2]

A Null Void Grenade can automatically send anyone unprotected in blast radius to the Null Void.[3][4]

Gwen Tennyson is able to temporarily open portals to the Null Void.[4]

There are naturally occurring "soft spots" in the cosmos leading into the Null Void, but they normally don't lead back out.[DJW 2]



The Null Void was a pocket dimension used by the Galvan and other species as a prison for the most dangerous beings in the universe. It would later be populated with settlers and criminal descendants.[4]

At some point, Luna Lobo was once warped into the Null Void for a few years due to a major teleportation accident.[pop-up 1][5]

Caesar Salazar unknowingly sent Alpha to the Null Void from another universe, under the impression he had sent the nanite to an empty space.[6]

Ragnarok was arrested a few years before the events of Alien Force, being incarcerated in the Null Void Incarcecon.[7] At the time, Morgg worked at the prison as a guard.[8]

Ben 10[]

The Null Void's existence is first alluded to in Truth, when Phil released several aliens as part of a scam. However, he was eventually sent to the Null Void after failing to send Ben Tennyson there. The aliens Phil had released were eventually sent back by Max Tennyson.

The Null Void first appears in Back With a Vengeance, when Vilgax and Kevin Levin were sent there by Max only for Ben to get dragged with them. Gwen and Max later saved Ben while Kevin and Vilgax were left behind.

In Be Afraid of the Dark, Viktor accidentally sent himself and the Mummy to the Null Void during a fight with Ben.

Prior to Ben 10: Secret of the Omnitrix, Vilgax escaped from the Null Void through sheer luck, having stumbled upon a portal being opened on another planet.[pop-up 2][9] From there, he sought to exact his revenge on Ben.

At some point, Morgg learned of a tunnel that another prisoner at the Null Void Incarcecon named Kwarrel was digging in an attempt to break out of Incercecon. Several months later, Kevin was captured and brought to Incarcecon after having been abandoned by Vilgax. While Kevin as being very hostile towards his fellow prisoners, Kwarrel got through to him and helped him recover from his Kevin 11 mutation.

When Morgg orchestrated a commotion in the prison yard, Kwarrel saw this as opportunity to escape through his tunnel his tunnel. However, Morgg intercepted them and fought with Kwarrel before eventually killing him while Kevin escaped. Kevin regretted his decision to save himself ever since.

Morgg rose to the position of warden and made some extreme changes to Incarcecon, such as replacing the previous guards with humanoid robots and enforcing a policy that the facility was off-limits to Plumber visitation. Discovering a blue hallucinogenic dust in deposits of the asteroid the prison was built on, he also turned the prisoners into slave labor to mine for the dust underneath the facility.[8]

Five Years Prior to Omniverse[]

Phil was temporarily released from the Null Void by Dr. Psychobos as part of a test for the Nemetrix before being sent back after the test failed, resulting in him mutating into a human/Terroranchula-hybrid.[10][11]

The Rooters set up a base within the Null Void, where Servantis conducted his experiments with human/alien hybrids. After rescuing Kevin from a Vulpimancer, they took him to their headquarters. Learning of his Osmosian powers, Servantis decided to use Kevin to pass on DNA from various aliens imprisoned within their base onto human children to create a "Ben 10 Hit Squad". During this period, they also used him to gain their own alien powers.

As training, Servantis sent the squad on various missions before finally prepping them to defeat Ben. However, they ended up failing due to Kevin mutating again and turning on his teammates before being stopped by a young Argit. When the Amalgam Kids returned, Servantis wiped everyone's memories and let them loose in the Null Void.[12][13][14]

At some later point after releasing the Amalgam Kids, Servantis created a being named Aggregor from Kevin's own DNA as a replacement to the hit squad. [DJW 3]

Four years after having their memories altered, Pierce Wheels, Helen Wheels, and Manny Armstrong mistakenly used a Mark I Null Void Projector as a disintegrator ray. When Pierce began having doubts about their, he accidentally sent himself to the Null Void.

Alien Force[]

At some point prior to Alien Force, Dr. Animo got stuck in the Null Void.[4]

In Max Out, Max sent several DNAliens to the Null Void using a Null Void Projector. He would later send himself and a Highbreed there when he removed the focusing lens on his projector.[4]

In Plumbers' Helpers, Helen Wheels and Manny Armstrong attempted to send Kevin to the Null Void, though Ben momentarily got sent there in his place before escaping as Swampfire. After learning the truth about their operations, Helen and Manny sent themselves to the Null Void to liberate the aliens they wrongfully imprisoned.

In Darkstar Rising, Darkstar was sent to the Null Void by Magister Prior Gilhil.

In Voided, Dr. Animo had seized control of the Null Void and attempted to break into the main dimension using a Kormite-powered drill. However, he was defeated by Ben, Max, Helen, Pierce, Manny, and others.

In War of the Worlds: Part 1, Darkstar was released from the Null Void by Cooper so he could help the Alien Force battle the Highbreed.

In War of the Worlds: Part 2, Max, Manny, Helen, and Pierce were released from the Null Void in order to participate in the final battle against the Highbreed.

In Singlehanded, Sunder sent Ben (minus his left hand) into the Null Void using his power axe. Kevin managed to restore Ben using a machine that also sent Sunder to the Null Void.

Ultimate Alien[]

Sometime after The Forge of Creation, Aggregor was sent to the Null Void after being defeated by Ultimate Kevin.[15][16]

In ...Nor Iron Bars a Cage, Ultimate Kevin sent himself to the Null Void and surrendered to the Null Void Incarcecon guards, aiming to avenge Kwarrel by killing Morgg. Ben and Gwen teleported into the facility to warn Morgg of danger and secretly find Kevin, feigning lack of knowledge of the prison's one-way teleport system. Although Morgg escorted them to temporary living quarters, they went searching for Kevin in the mines.

Learning of Morgg's drug trafficking operation, Ben and Gwen captured him and prevented Kevin from hurting him, prompting Kevin to leave. Concurrently to all this, all the fighting in the mines had destabilized the structure of Incercecon, which allowed all of the prisoners to run away free, save for Quince. Gwen contemplated going after them, but Ben pointed out that they were still stuck in the larger Null Void.

Prior to Absolute Power: Part 1, Ultimate Kevin absorbed Viktor's before dumping him into the Null Void. Under unknown circumstances, Viktor escaped and made his way to Earth.[17][18]

Prior to The Transmogrification of Eunice, Sunder was released from the Null Void by Azmuth so he could retrieve Eunice.

Prior to Ben 10/Generator Rex: Heroes United, Alpha possessed an mecha alien and escaped the Null Void, making his way to the main universe before eventually returning to his home universe. After being defeated by Ben and Generator Rex, Murk Upchuck returned Alpha to the Null Void on his way back to his universe.


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At some point prior to The More Things Change: Part 1, Bubble Helmet was sent to the Null Void for shoplifting a 30,000,000 Tayden item.[DJW 4] He was eventually released by Psyphon to become a member of his gang.[19]

In The Frogs of War: Part 2, the Way Bads were sent to the Null Void by the Plumbers. However, this had the unknowing side-effect of making the Null Void itself become even more dangerous with the Way Bads being incarcerated there.[20][14]

Original Future Timeline[]

In the Original Future Timeline, the Null Void was still in use by Ben 10,000 to send living alien criminals there while destroyed or "sleeping" ones got sent to Fort DNA-X.[pop-up 3][21] The Protost developed Null Void Containment Eggs that would help Ben capture these criminals.[pop-up 4][22]

In Ben 10,000, Dr. Animo sought access to the DNA of the powerful and vicious creatures in the Null Void[pop-up 5][21] before being stopped by Gwendolyn Tennyson and her younger counterpart.

Over the next 12 years, Kevin managed to break out of the Null Void several times. During one of his breakouts, he had a son named Devlin with a woman from a Saturn colony. [pop-up 4][22]

During his time in the Null Void, Kevin absorbed various aliens, making him able to turn into a new monstrous hybrid form far more powerful than the original. He has also seemingly mastered his powers, as he is able to switch between his human and mutant forms at will, absorb powers without turning into his mutant form, [pop-up 6][22] and even access some of his alien powers in human form.

In Ken 10, Ben 10,000 imprisoned Vulkanus, Sploot, and Mot Snikrep using Null Void Containment Eggs that he would later hand to Max to send to the Null Void. Though Kevin would escape the Null Void thanks to Devlin, he was eventually imprisoned in a Null Void Containment Egg when Devlin learned of his father's true colors.


The Null Void's landscape is always changing, making it impossible to know where one is going. [pop-up 7][1] However, it generally consists of various geographic formations and shattered structures floating randomly in endless space.

Known Locations[]

Known Inhabitants[]

Temporary Inhabitants/Visitors[]

Former Inhabitants[]


  • Scorn (escaped)
  • Elena Valadis
  • Alternate Fistina
  • Cube Helmet
  • Alternate Max Tennyson
  • Mrs. Baumann
  • Female Pakmar
  • Female Rook
  • Alternate Adult Ben
  • Several other alternative versions


Ben 10[]

Season 2[]

Season 4[]

Alien Force[]

Season 1[]

  • Voided (first reappearance; flashback and present)

Season 2[]

Ultimate Alien[]

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Graphic Novels[]


Video Games[]

Ben 10[]

Alien Force[]

Ultimate Alien[]

Online Games[]

Ultimate Alien[]

Video Games[]

Ben 10: Protector of Earth[]

The Null Void is the last level in the game. Ben, Gwen and Max get lost here as they fight Enoch, Kevin 11, Clancy and SixSix.

Ben 10 Alien Force: Vilgax Attacks[]

The Null Void is the seventh level in the game. Animo appears as the boss and Ben gains Jetray in this level.

Ben 10: Galactic Racing[]

The Null Void is the first level in the game, consisting of four tracks.

Online Games[]


Players begin in the Null Void for basic training. There is a Plumber training camp there, along with Ben and the Rustbucket 3.


Parallel Paradox[]

In the comic, it is said by Professor Paradox that there is a place in the Null Void that is composed of people who no longer fit into any timeline called Vacuity Village, which is where he lives and also where he took Elena.

Naming and Translations[]

Language Name Origin
French Vide Absolu From vide, void and absolu, absolute
German Sicherheitszelle From sicherheit, safety and zelle, cell
Hungarian Null Űr From null, null and űr, void
Italian Vuoto Totale
Spazio Vuoto (Back With a Vengeance)
Cella del Nulla (Ben 10,000, The Visitor)
Vuoto Assoluto (Secret of the Omnitrix, Ken 10)
from vuoto, void and totale, total
from spazio, space and vuoto, void
from cella, cell and nulla, null
from vuoto, void and assoluto, absolute
Polish Nicość From nicość, nothingness
Portuguese (Br) Vácuo Nulo (OS)
Nulificador (UAF)
Nulidade (OV)
From vácuo, void and nulo, null
From nulificador, nullifier
From nulidade, nullity
Russian Нулевое Измерение From нулевое, zero, and измерение, dimension
Spanish (HA) Proyector (until ...Nor Iron Bars a Cage)
Vacío (since Basic Training until Ben 10: Omniverse)
Zona Nula (The Rooters of All Evil)
Null Void (Weapon XI: Part 1)
"portal" (The Most Dangerous Game Show)
From proyector, projector
From vacío, void
From nula, null and zona, zone
From the original English name
From portal, portal (Null Void is referred indirectly)
Turkish Hiçlik Boyutu From "Hiçlik", Nofthing, and "Boyut", Dimension


The Null Void is derived from the expression "null and void", which means to be invalid.


  • In the loading screen of the Null Void level in Vilgax Attacks, Jetray's Omnitrix symbol is blue instead of green.
  • The Null Void seems to be a horrifying place to most characters:
    • Kevin and Argit were at least hesitant at the thought of ever being there again.[13]
    • Ben claimed the Null Void is worse than an ordinary prison.[8]
    • Vilgax had an eye twitch just by mentioning it. [9]
    • Phil begged for mercy from Max before being sent back.[11]
    • Bubble Helmet refused to go back there again when Psyphon brought how his previous incarceration there.[19]
    • Trombipulor refused to be send back to there again after his his previous incarceration there.
  • All of the aliens imprisoned by the Plumbers' Helpers who have not yet been freed are still in the Null Void.[DM 2]
  • The Null Void is similar to both the Negative Zone from Marvel Comics and the Phantom Zone from DC Comics.
  • Derrick J. Wyatt believed that there is only one Null Void shared across the cosmos.[DJW 5] Therefore, it is possible that the reboot and classic Null Void technically are the same place.[DR 1]
  • It is theoretically possible for one to jump from one universe to another via the Null Void.[DR 2] much like what happened with Ben when he travelled to and from the Generator Rex Universe.[6]


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