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Nugget is an accidental mutant created by Dr. Animo. He first appeared in Animo Farm.


Nugget looks like a mutant Chicken with glasses. He has yellow feet with three toes on each foot. He has a puffy black tail and a white torso. Half of his arms are white and the other half is black. His hands are also black. He has a black head, as well as black eye brows and eye lashes. He has a yellow beak with a blue stache. He has blue Chicken comb on his head. He also has black eyes.


Nugget is friendly and isn't shy at all. He is doubtful and doesn't have a lot of confidence in himself. He is also dependent on others to help him because of this.


Along with the other Accidentals, he was a slave on the farm. When Stinkfly convinced the Accidentals to use teamwork to break out of the prison, they did that and also used teamwork to defeat the Alphas. Napoleon attempted to use a drill to attack Nugget, but Stinkfly defeated Napoleon and rescued Nugget from the drill. Later, Stinkfly and the Accidentals put the Alphas behind bars and they left the farm. After that, the Accidentals played football with Ben.


Ben 10


  • Nugget is the only accidental that doesn't have any special abilities.
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