No Watch Ben's Timeline is the only known alternate reality in the multiverse without an Omnitrix.


Ben Tennyson

In this timeline, Ben Tennyson never found nor even had his history tied with the Omnitrix until he was sixteen, and it's thought that No Watch Ben's universe doesn't have its own dimensional counterpart of the Omnitrix at all. Due to lacking the Omnitrix or the fights against villains, No Watch Ben lacked Ben Prime's fame and his hero status, and had had a usual, boring life where nothing interesting really happened to him. This lasted until No Watch Ben became part of the interdimensional conflict between the different Omnitrix-wielders at the No Watch Timeline, when he briefly wielded Ben Prime's Omnitrix and played a major part in Ben Prime's universe by disabling Vilgax's ship, forcing him to take fatal damage and getting a 10 year old Ben Prime to find the Omnitrix, thus restoring all of the timelines. No Watch Ben, alongside his counterparts defeat Vilgax.

No Watch Ben looks identical to Ben Prime and shares his prime counterpart's fashion sense, although he seems to wear his green and white hoodie more often. No Watch Ben's personality shares many parallels with Ben Prime's, although No Watch Ben suffers from heavy confidence issues and a longing for adventure due to his life having taken a much more peaceful and boring path.

Gwen Tennyson

Gwen Tennyson in this timeline is not attending university like Gwen Prime, although she thought about going away to college already. She also isn't close to Ben, due to how their summer vacation was highly bad and uninteresting without the Omnitrix or the alien threats. Unlike the prime Gwen, this Gwen also retains her initial sense of clothes from before the time when the prime Gwen left Bellwood.

Kevin Levin

Kevin Levin is a resident of Bellwood in this timeline. He doesn't know Ben, and he is just a common pickpocket.

Max Tennyson

Max Tennyson is an active Plumber in this timeline. Unlike Max Prime, he has a robotic prosthetic right arm; he implied that he lost his real arm in a past fight against Vilgax.


J.T. is Ben's best friend in this timeline.

Cash Murray

He was a good friend of both No Watch Ben and J.T., but he moved out of town years ago.


In one of their previous fight, Vilgax cut off the right arm of Max Tennyson.

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