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Amazing- a universe without an Omnitrix. It boggles the mind.

Professor Paradox.[1]

The No Watch Timeline[DJW 1] is the only known alternate reality in the cosmos without an Omnitrix.



Not much is known about this timeline aside from the fact that the Omnitrix does not exist in it, indicating that either this timeline's version of Azmuth never had the inspiration to build one, or the Omnitrix was indeed created, but was destroyed during the confrontation between Vilgax and Xylene.


In And Then There Were None, this timeline was targeted by Vilgax and Eon, who brought together several evil versions of Ben to kill Ben from this timeline. Professor Paradox, Ben Prime, Ben 23, Gwen 10 and Ben 10,000 arrived in this timeline to stop the villains from killing Ben in this timeline, without knowing that Vilgax was actually planning to use the Chronosapien Time Bomb to destroy all timelines except this one, what he does.

In And Then There Was Ben, the Ben of this timeline, using Ben Prime's Omnitrix, restored all timelines using Clockwork and returned the evil Bens to their original timelines. The good versions defeated Vilgax and were returned to their original timelines, with Vilgax being arrested by the Plumbers of that timeline.

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