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Necrofriggians[1][2] are a species of insectoid aliens that hail from the planets Kylmyys[merch 1] and Mikd'lty.[3]


Necrofriggians are humanoid moth-like species with four wings and two antennae-like wing folds, which fold up into a poncho-esque robe with a hood, giving them the appearance of a phantom. They have black bodies with patching on their slender chests, running along their legs and arms, the latter reaching up to the back of their necks. On those leg and arm patching are cyan patches that resemble large ice chunks. Thick black lines border the back-end of each wing, which also contain three cyan patches of their own.

Necrofriggians' faces have harsh black lines surrounding their eyes and mouth, which all meet at the center of their face. They also have a black marking on their head that extends over their scalp; forcing the remaining colored parts of their forehead into a Y-shape. Their eyes are bright, and have smaller darker spots inside. Their mouths are frowns, showing four bluish-white teeth, which rarely move, even when speaking. They have three pointed fingers and a thumb on each hand, and three toes on each foot: two in front and one behind.

Necrofriggians from Kylmyys have skin and wings that are a dark blue.

Necrofriggians from Mikd'lty have skin and wings that are a much paler shade of blue. They also have bright blue eyes.

In Omniverse, Necrofriggians have a much more muscular build, with long black hair draped over the top of their large chests. large eyebrows and sharper ears. They have bigger wings, claws, and additional brows around their eyes.

Necrofriggians from Dimension 23 have white bodies instead of black, and with a lighter blue color scheme.


Newborn Necrofriggians will instinctively fly from where they're born into outer space, where they will find a star to feed off of.[2] Assumedly, at some stage in their development, they will also instinctively fly to Kylmyys (if they aren't on it already).

The Necrofriggian colonists that were seen on Mikd'lty were particularly religious; devoted to the temple that they discovered on the planet millenia ago,[4] the desecration of which they saw as sacrilege and fought to guard it from anyone not permitted to enter.[3]


According to this, Necrofriggian, that's Big Chill's race, lays eggs only once every eighty years or so. They'll live in space where it's cold, and then they feed on solar plasma.

Kevin to Ben.[2]

Necrofriggians breed asexually by laying eggs once every 80 years or so. From what has been shown, they lay more than a dozen eggs.[2]

Both while and after the eggs are laid, the Necrofriggian's maternal instincts will take over, and they will have a compulsive need to gather large amounts of metal and bring it to their nesting site (via freezing if necessary, ingestion, and subsequent regurgitation). It is from this metal that they build and fortify a large nest to house their eggs.[2]

Necrofriggians have such strong maternal instincts during their breeding and nesting periods that they will work nonstop to complete the nest; attack anyone that impedes their building progress; and ferociously protect the nest once it is done. These instincts can almost be thought of as an additional personality, as they were strong enough to linger in a mindless DNA sample like Big Chill and completely override Ben's personality, even while outside of being transformed.[2]

After some days pass and the nest is broken open (by an unknown means in their natural life cycle), the eggs will float out of the mucous solution built up inside the nest and "hatch": uncurling into infant Necrofriggians with fully-formed wings, ready to fly the instant they're born.[2]


Infant Necrofriggians consume solar plasma that they find in space.[2]

Power and Abilities[]

Necrofriggians have the power of cryokinesis, meaning that they can influence the direction and form of the ice that grows from their breath and palms with extreme precision. This allows them to create simultaneous ice constructs that bend and weave through the air before solidifying.[5] At his peak capacity, Big Chill was able to completely freeze D'Void's power generator and cause it to crumble apart.[6]

Necrofriggians are capable of breathing a wind or beam that can reduce the temperature surrounding it to just this side of absolute zero,[merch 1] turn to ice constructs either mid-air or upon touching a target, or encase a target completely in ice. Their breath can also be used as a strong gust of wind without freezing anything, capable of pushing the Rustbucket 2 off a cliff.[7] Necrofriggians can freeze strong adhesives using their ice breath and make them brittle.[8]

Necrofriggians are capable of firing freeze rays from their hands.[9] They can also freeze objects and surfaces just by touching them.[10][11]

Necrofriggians can become intangible and pass through solid matter.[merch 1] They can even cause opponents and objects to freeze by phasing through them if they choose to.[12] They can also turn themselves partially invisible by becoming intangible.[7][merch 1][MW 1][note 1]

Necrofriggians can fly at high speeds with their wings, as Big Chill able to even outspeed Rex Salazar using his Boogie Pack.[13] Big Chill is also able to levitate.[10][14] Necrofriggians can also fold up their wings into a hooded robe.

Necrofriggians possesses sharp claws, which were able to tear through Inspector 13's suit to remove one of his devices, as demonstrated by Negative Big Chill.[15]

Necrofriggians have enhanced strength, as seen when Big Chill was on a metal-eating spree, where he effortlessly ripped apart a large metal statue and snapped iron girders in half.[2] They can also carry Revonnahganders[8] and Prypiatosian-B Containment Suits[16] while keeping steady flight.

The strength of a Necrofriggian extends to their feet, which are prehensile, as Freeze-Ghost could carry an Opticoid while flying.[17]

Necrofriggians are rather durable, as Big Chill was able to take a laser blast to the back from Kraab and only be slightly fazed.[18]

Necrofriggians are quite agile, as they are capable of dodging attacks while flying, as well avoiding laser attacks from afar, as demonstrated by Freeze-Ghost.[8]

Necrofriggians can survive underwater,[19] as well as in the vacuum of space.[18][11]

Necrofriggians can withstand radiation, such as that generated by a Prypiatosian-B.[16]

Necrofriggians are resistant to extreme temperatures, both hot and cold.[3] As such, they can drink molten steel and keep it hot without suffering severe internal damage.[2]

Necrofriggians have powerful jaws capable of chewing up and devouring metal statues, poles, buildings, signs, iron girders, and serving trays.[2]

Necrofriggians can generate snow.[20] Necrofriggians can also spit out ice shards, as demonstrated by the Necrofriggians on Mikd'lty.[3]


Necrofriggians are vulnerable to being hypnotized by a Psycholeopterran. Their ice breath is also useless against Psycholeopterrans, as shown when Hypnotick escaped by using her own intangibility.[20][21]

Some objects are capable of touching Necrofriggians while they are intangible, those being: The Rustbucket 2's netting,[7] the Shield of Seagle,[22] the Techadon Factory's defense systems,[23] and the Plumber Headquarters' prison cell door.[15]

A Necrofriggian's intangibility is useless against opponents who can also turn intangible, such as other Necrofriggians, as it will cancel out their ability to phase through them.[3]

Although Necrofriggians are resistant to intense heat,[2] they can be harmed by fire.[7]

Necrofriggians can be harmed by electricity, such as that generated by a Cerebrocrustacean[24] and/or the Shield of Seagle.[22]

Necrofriggians are vulnerable to intense sonic vibrations while intangible, such as those of an Evolved Sonorosian's Sonic Disks, as demonstrated with several Necrofriggian guards on Mikd'lty.[3]

Necrofriggians can be possessed by Ectonurites.[DJW 1]

Despite being immune to cold, Necrofriggians can get frozen by other members of their species, as seen when another Necrofriggian was about to freeze Big Chill entirely.[3]

Notable Necrofriggians[]

Notable Necrofriggian Hybrids[]


The word Necrofriggian comes from "necro", meaning dead (referring to their ghost-like abilities) and "frigid", meaning very cold (referring to their ice-based powers).

Naming and Translations[]

Language Name Origin
German Necrofriggianer (AF)
Necrofreezer (UA and OV)
From the original English name with a german suffix
From necro, dead and freezer


  • Mashed Necrofriggians make good baby food.[25][26]


  1. Though an original character promo for Big Chill claims he can turn "completely invisible",[CN 1] Dwayne McDuffie stated that this ability was an animation error.[DM 1]



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