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Well, I'm not just any drone! I'm half-drone, half-human! Drones can adapt... and humans never give up!

– Nanomech to the Decoy Queen.[1]

Nanomech is the DNA sample of a Human/Microchip hybrid created by the Omnitrix.[note 1]


Nanomech is about a centimeter tall at full size. He has grey skin with a green circuit-like design on it. Nanomech possesses green wings as well as one large, green cyclopean-eye. His body is a carbon or silicon-based alloy, and he has triangular feet. He wore the original Omnitrix/Ultimatrix symbol on his chest.

In Video Games, Nanomech wore a blue motion capture suit.

In Omniverse, Nanomech's circuit design is gone, being replaced with one pushing more to his Alien Swarm design, and the Omnitrix symbol is where his eye was. He has different wings and four small eyes around the Omnitrix, similar to Stinkfly. His legs have also changed shape, and his body now emits a bright green glow that completely surrounds him.

Powers and Abilities[]

Despite being Ben's smallest alien, Nanomech can still pack quite a punch. Nanomech can generate green energy from his hands and release it either as a raw discharge of electricity[1][2] or concentrated, explosive orbs of energy.[3] Nanomech can also project this energy as lasers from his eyes which can destroy smaller technology, such as Aggregor's Mind Control Headbands.[4]

Much like Grey Matter, Nanomech's size allows him to squeeze into small spaces.[5][6] Nanomech can also reduce his size at will, even to microscopic scales.[1][2] He can return to his original size, but cannot grow any larger.[DJW 3]

Nanomech is capable of flying, thanks to possessing a pair of wings.[4][3]

Despite his small stature, Nanomech has enhanced strength relative to his size, as he was able to easily lift a food cover over his head.[6]

Nanomech cannot be controlled by Microchip Queens; according to himself, it is because he is part human, and "humans never give up". He is also resistant to electricity.[1]

Nanomech is capable of adaptation, allowing him to copy certain abilities of his opponents after being hit by their attacks, as shown when Nanomech copied the Decoy Queen's tentacles.[1]

Because he is a technological being, it is possible for a Galvanic Mechamorph to merge with Nanomech.[DJW 4]


Nanomech's minuscule size can be a problem if fighting larger opponents, as he was smooshed with a spell book[7] and when he was incapacitated by a fly swatter.[2]

Because he is extremely light, Nanomech can easily be blown back or sucked up by strong winds.[5][4]


Alien Force[]

  • Nanomech first appeared in Ben 10: Alien Swarm, where he was created by the Omnitrix scanning the Microchips and entered Victor's brain to fight the Decoy Queen. After a grueling battle, Nanomech destroyed the Queen and thus the entirety of the chips, freeing everybody from their control.

Ultimate Alien[]




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Nanomech is short for "nano-mechanical".

Naming and Translations[]

Language Name Origin
Bulgarian Наномех From the original English name
Chinese 极微人 From 极微 (Jí Wēi), minimum, and (Rén), man
Dutch Nanomech From the original English name
French Nanomech From the original English name
German Nanomech From the original English name
Greek Νανομηχανισμός From νανομηχανισμός, nanomechanism
Hungarian Picuri From pici, small
Italian Nanomech From the original English name
Polish NanoBen A combination of nano and Ben
Portuguese (Br) Nanomech From the original English name
Romanian Nanomecanicul from nanomecanic, nanomech
Russian Наномеханизм From наномеханизм, nanomechanism
Spanish (HA) Nanomech From the original name
Spanish (Spain) Nanomec From the original English name without the letter h
Swedish Nanomek From the original name including the letter k
Turkish Nanomek From nanomek, Turkish translation of original name


  • Nanomech is Ben's smallest alien, smaller than even Grey Matter.[6]
  • Due to him not really being a typical alien from any sort of planet, Nanomech is identified as an unknown bio-mechanical organism/creature by both Inspector 13's technology[2] and the Plumbers' scanners.[6]
  • Throughout Ultimate Alien, Nanomech was always transformed into via the quick-change feature. He was not directly transformed into by Ben in his human form.
  • Kevin finds it hard to take Ben as Nanomech seriously due to his squeaky voice.[4] Because of his minuscule size, Kevin also thinks Nanomech is really lame.[5]
  • Nanomech is the only known Omnitrix alien that is part-human, as well as the only hybrid/fusion transformation that can be accessed without the Omnitrix either being broken or upgraded into a Biomnitrix.
  • During the Birthday Bash in FusionFall, players could get a Nanomech helmet modeled after his Alien Swarm design. However, after Ultimate Alien premiered, it was changed to match the animated version. This item was re-released as a code item.
  • Nanomech is one of five aliens to debut in a movie or special; the others being Eye Guy, Way Big, Eon, and Shocksquatch.
  • Nanomech is one of five aliens featured in Omniverse who generate green electricity; the others being Upgrade, Buzzshock, Frankenstrike, and Brainstorm.
  • Nanomech's Ultimate Alien appearance was designed by Glenn Wong, with color styling by Chris Hooten.[GW 1]
  • Benchip was Nanomech's working name.[RB 1]


  1. Nanomech is stated to be a Human/Microchip hybrid in Alien Swarm. Duncan Rouleau would later re-confirm this.[DR 1]
    • Derrick J. Wyatt considered Nanomech to be more of an evolved form of Microchip rather than a hybrid.[DJW 1][DJW 2]
    • The card included with Bandai's Nanomech action figure refers to him as both a Nanomechion from "hive" planets and a unique creation of the Omnitrix, fusing the bio-mechanical DNA of the Microchips with Ben.[merch 1]
    • The Brazilian Ben 10: Ultimate Alien Online Editora Sticker Album also refers him as a Nanomechion from the Hive homeworld.[merch 2]


Crew Statements[]

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