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The Mutant Tyrannosaurus was revived by Dr. Animo from a fossilized skeleton in Washington B.C..


The Tyrannosaurus had a dark green hide with a paler green underbelly, glowing red eyes, and sharp white teeth. This particular specimen, perhaps because of the Transmodulator's effect, was missing patches of skin which let the bones underneath show through, namely on the left side of its head, its spinal column, the underside of its tail and its left flank, these bones being the same brown colour as the fossil it was created from. The inside of its mouth was a red-pink colour.

As a fossil, it had a uniform brown colour overall, which it reverted to upon the Transmodulator's destruction at the hands of Stinkfly.


Ben 10

Tyrannosaurus skeleton

As a skeleton

After arriving at Washington D.C.'s Natural History Museum and modifying his Transmodulator, Dr. Animo used it to reanimate and revive a Tyrannosaurus from a skeleton. Animo then used the revived T. Rex as transportation, and to attack and try to kill Kelly. When Ben, as Stinkfly, destroyed Animo's Transmodulator, the Mutant Tyrannosaurus became a lifeless skeleton again, which then collapsed.

Powers and Abilities

The Tyrannosaurus was shown to have speed and durability, shown when it smashed through the wall of Kelly Industries, which barely slowed it down, as well as its escape from the museum, simply walking through the wall and doorway. It was also fast enough to be able to catch Stinkfly with a tail swipe once, which floored him for a second.

It also possessed strength and flexibility enough in its neck to enable it to pick up Dr. Kelly, then throw him into the air and open its mouth to eat him. It also retained the considerable bite force of the living animal.

As may also be expected from a creature of its size, similar to the Mutant Mammoth, the Tyrannosaurus had considerable weight, shown to be able to crush a building simply by stepping on it.


The Tyrannosaurus, owing to its size, was not very agile, nor did it have any means to defend itself against aerial or projectile attacks, shown when it battled Stinkfly, who gummed up its mouth with his goo for a second to stop it attacking him. Like all creatures created by the Transmodulator, the Tyrannosaurus was linked to it, and when the device was removed from Dr. Animo and broken, the Tyrannosaurus reverted back into a skeleton, which promptly collapsed.


Ben 10

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