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The Mutant Parrot[merch 1] is a Cockatiel, which was mutated by Dr. Animo's DNA Transmodulator in the episode Washington B.C..


In its original form, it resembled a lutino cockatiel. It had yellow plumage, with a light gray belly, beak, legs and the underside of its wings. It "cheddar cheeks" were a wiped out orange and the eyes were completely black. Like any cockatiel, it has a crest on top of its head that rises and falls depending on its mood. this crest was completely yellow

In its mutant form, it resembled a wild cockatiel, with a light gray body and wings. its legs and beak were a darker shade. because it was a mutant, it had a monstrous appearance, with pointy feathers, long legs, a big and sharp beak and its crest was now larger. The eyes were orange and almost closed.

Powers and Abilities[]

The mutant cockatiel had wings that allowed it to fly. in its original form, it flew precisely and agilely. in its mutant form this flight was improved, in which it could easily chase a Lepidopterran in the air.

The mutant parakeet had a large beak. In its original form, this beak was pointed and could easily shell seeds and pierce human skin as a means of defense like a common cockatiel would. In its mutant form this beak is huge, sharp and serves as an offensive means.

The cockatiel's claws were sharp and served as a secondary means of defense, easily managing to hold a human in the air.


Ben 10[]

The Mutant Cockatiel was a common lutino cockatiel before Washington B.C. When the Mega Mart opened in Washington DC, The cockatiel was for sale in a circular iron cage in the pet section. Ironically, circular cages are terrible for cockatiels.

When Dr. Animo attacked the Mega Mart in Washington DC with his Mutant Frog, he mutated this bird and a hamster. Its appearance and size change where it becomes a giant mutant cockatiel. He uses it as a way to quickly fly around Washington, going to the museum to resurrect a T-rex. There, the cockatiel tries to attack the Tennysons with Ben as Four Arms absent, but Gwen defeats the mutant parrot by hitting the bird with a spear. After Four Arms defeats the Living Mammoth, Dr. Animo escapes, causing the Mutant Parakeet to kidnap Gwen. Four Arms grabs the cockatiel, but it manages to knock him down. The cockatiel fly around Washington with Gwen. The cockatiel hangs Gwen, leaving her to fall and die, but Ben using his new alien, Stinkfly, manages to save her. an aerial chase begins, and Stinkfly seeing that he would not be able to run away, returns Gwen to Max and manages to defeat the mutant Parrot by throwing it against the wall.

Once the Trans-modulator was destroyed, the mutant cockatiel returned to normal, perching friendly on Gwen's arm as if it was apologizing her, to which Gwen holds a grudge and say to not apologize now, due to almost killing her.


Ben 10[]

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