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Muck Amuck is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Polymorph from the planet Viscosia and the Dimension 23 equivalent of Goop.


Muck Amuck mostly resembles Goop in Omniverse, except his body is blue, his eyes are light blue, and his Anti-Gravity Projector is gold. The Omnitrix symbol on his Anti-Gravity Projector is blue with a gold outer casing.

Powers and Abilities[]

Muck Amuck's entire body is comprised of cytoplasm that is very bouncy and elastic. This gives him a wide and gangly range of motion, able to stretch his limbs very far to extend his grab reach, as demonstrated by Ultimate Kevin,[1] or the reach of his punches and kicks.[2][3] It also allows him to absorb all manner of impacts, useful for blocking opponents' attacks[4] or cushioning falling people.[5][6]

Muck Amuck has the power of shapeshifting, allowing him to stretch, bend, and deform himself into any shape with ease, ranging from a pseudopod-protruding glob of goo to a stretchy, bouncing ball and everything in between.[merch 1] He can use this to dodge attacks;[2] increase mobility;[7] wrap around enemies;[8] slip underneath doors or through small spaces;[9] and return to his normal shape if he is ever deformed or separated.[10] Using his shapeshifting, Muck Amuck can mimic the shape of simple objects well enough to fool opponents, provided they don't look too closely.[merch 2][merch 3] Muck Amuck can also produce multiple prehensile pseudopods from his body to grab multiple opponents.[8]

Muck Amuck can produce additional cytoplasm to regenerate,[8] make himself bigger, or have a stronger kinetic impact.[7] He can also change his cytoplasm's density depending on his desire,[DM 1] and the density of Goop's cytoplasm can increase to the point of breaking a metal pipe by the sheer force of its impact.[11]

Due to being made of cytoplasm, Muck Amuck can hold objects[12] or individuals inside his body to protect them.[7] He can also wrap himself around someone to bind them in place.[13][11]

Muck Amuck is capable of making himself acidic at will. His acid is able to dissolve a large variety of materials.[14][15][9][16]

Muck Amuck is able to generate and expel cytoplasm from any part of his body for use as offensive weaponry,[merch 1] even as spit despite having no visible mouth.[17][4] The cytoplasm he generates can either be highly acidic[18] or adhesive.[17] He can shoot it in continuous streams similar to a water hose[18] or in blob-like projectiles.[17] If he needs to, Muck Amuck is also able to neutralize his own acid.[19][4]

Muck Amuck possesses enhanced strength, as Goop could wrestle with Magister Prior Gilhil, someone who could easily overpower an armored Osmosian.[13] He can also increase the impact power of his attacks by stretching himself backwards and using the recoil to boost his momentum.[2]

Due to his body's incredible elasticity, Muck Amuck is extremely resilient, and his brain being spread across his body makes it so that he feels no pain from most physical attacks. This allows him to survive lethal falls without a scratch[20] and be bisected numerous times.[8]

Muck Amuck's cytoplasm is hydrophobic, allowing him to survive underwater, as seen when Goop hid in the sewer to ambush Ben.[11] Muck Amuck can additionally survive being atomized across an entire planet's worth of water volume, such as Goop did with Piscciss. Moreover, Goop was able to generate enough additional goop to color all the planet's water green.[21]

Muck Amuck can survive in intense heat, such as the environment of his home planet Viscosia.[merch 2]

Muck Amuck can pass under an enemy's foot in order to make them slip.[22][8]

Muck Amuck can move his eyes all throughout his body.[DJW 1] He can also merge his eyes into one.[23]


Muck Amuck's Anti-Gravity Projector allows him to be fully mobile on foreign planets like Earth by generating a corrective field of gravity around him. It also enhances his shapeshifting capabilities, such as assisting in reconstituting himself. If Muck Amuck loses his Anti-Gravity Projector, the Hero Watch can immediately generate a new one.[DM 2]

Thanks to his Anti-Gravity Projector, Muck Amuck is capable of high-speed flight and levitation, being able to easily evade Trombipulor's shots.[10]

Muck Amuck's Anti-Gravity Projector has enough strength to pull continental-like masses of goop together, such as the goop-infected waters of Piscciss.[21]

Muck Amuck can control and launch his Anti-Gravity Projector at enemies to attack them due to the edges of it being razor-sharp.[11]


Muck Amuck is limited to his Anti-Gravity Projector controlling his body, making it a vulnerable target for opponents. Goop's opponents can take advantage of this weakness in various ways, such as grabbing it to forcefully pull Muck Amuck back[11] or shooting it with a Positron Blaster, which causes Muck Amuck to spin rapidly and explode into multiple parts.[2] Additionally, the Anti-Gravity Projector can also simply be switched off.[15]

If Muck Amuck's Anti-Gravity Projector is separated from him or deactivated, Muck Amuck's body collapses into an puddle, only capable of slowly slithering around[24][15][2] until it's reactivated or he recollects it.[17][24]

Despite being able to survive being atomized, Muck Amuck will start to hurt if he is, at the very least, spun very quickly in a centrifuge and beginning to separate into his constituent compounds.[24]

Muck Amuck is vulnerable to being super heated and vaporized by an Evolved Galvan's energy beams.[25]

Muck Amuck is vulnerable to strong winds, as shown when Goop got sucked into Trombipulor's nose[10] or blown away by a Geochelone Aerios.[3]

Muck Amuck is vulnerable to being hypnotized.[DJW 2]

Muck Amuck can be affected by a Nemuina's sleeping dust.[DJW 3]



Naming and Translations[]

Language Name Origin
Polish Mokro-Plam From mokro, wet and plam, stain
Portuguese (Br) Lamacento From lamacento, muddy
Romanian Mâzgă Bâzgă From mâzgă, slime and bâzgă, buzz
Russian Слизистый From слизистый, slimy
Spanish (HA) Babastein
From baba, slime; and -stein, final syllable of Frankenstein
From babasta, slime


Muck Amuck is play on the word "muck" and the term "run amok", which means to cause trouble or to create mischief.

Its rhyming scheme might also be based on Duck Amuck, a famous 1953 Merrie Melodies cartoon.


  • Each alternate counterpart of Goop has a different color and flavor.[DJW 4] For Muck Amuck, he is blue/blue raspberry-flavored.
  • Muck Amuck's artwork was made on a livestream with Derrick J. Wyatt and Josh Perez in 2020.[DJW 5] It can be found in the gallery.


Crew Statements[]

Dwayne McDuffie[]

Derrick J. Wyatt[]


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