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Smooth is smooth, but you haven't had smooth until you've had Mr. Smoothy's. Mr. Smoothy's - where a kid can be... smooooth.

– Mr. Smoothy commercial.[1]

Mr. Smoothy is a restaurant franchise that serves smoothies. Ben and his team are its frequent customers. The franchise has 22 outlets in Bellwood[1] with an addition of an inter-dimensional Mr. Smoothy.


Mr. Smoothy serves an exotic and often strange assortment of flavors, including:

  • Turnip and Wheatgrass with Ginger[2]
  • Nectarine[3]
  • Pineapple[4]
  • Chocolate and Carrot[3]
  • Mango and Blueberry with extra Echinacea
  • Lamb and Sardine: An all-meat flavored smoothie.[5]
  • Grasshopper: A favorite among Galvans like Blukic and Driba.[1] It tastes like chocolate mint.[DJW 1]
  • Grape: One of Ben's favorite flavors, which has not tasted the same ever since the universe was recreated.[6]
  • Double-Guava-Gumball-Gulp: A flavor that can give humans a brain-freeze.[7]
  • Smelt Petunia[8]
  • Tiffin-Flavor: A new flavor that tastes like Tiffin, but uses the artificial substitute.[9]


Five Years Prior to Omniverse[]

Ben10OVbenagain (124)

Mr. Smoothy in flashback of Omniverse

The grand opening of Mr. Smoothy in Bellwood was presented in a flashback in A Jolt From the Past when Ben was 11 years old and did not like smoothies.

4 to 5 years later, Ben became infamous for drinking numerous amounts of them whenever he goes to Mr. Smoothy, drinking a collection of strange flavors, only to burp unpleasantly loud.

Alien Force[]

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In The Gauntlet, the team went there after their battle with the Techadon Robot where Cash purposely spills smoothies on Ben. Ben then stands up for himself by calling out how Cash hasn’t matured since they were kids. When Cash gains the Techadon Robot glove, he fights Ben as Chromastone there until JT convinces him to overcome the armor taking him over.

In X = Ben + 2, the team are confronted by Raff and the Incurseans while in Kevin’s car near Mr. Smoothy.

In Darkstar Rising, the team goes to Mr. Smoothy after being threatened with arrest by Magister Prior Gilhil.

In Don't Fear the Repo, the Vreedle Brothers destroyed Mr. Smoothy.

In Vengeance of Vilgax: Part 1, the team goes to Mr. Smoothy after defeating Ssserpent when Gwen and Kevin scold Ben over his growing arrogance.

In In Charm's Way, the restaurant's iconic mascot was brought to life, only to be drunk dry by Murk Upchuck.

Ultimate Alien[]

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In Video Games, Ben tried to tell Gwen and Kevin about his new video game, but they were too busy arguing over Gwen’s driving lessons.

Ben was inside Mr. Smoothy signing autographs for the opening of cups with his aliens on them in Andreas' Fault until the Forever Knights stormed in and started stealing the cups.

In Revenge of the Swarm, the team was sitting outside Mr. Smoothy discussing the Microchip copies of Victor Valadis attacking them.

Mr. Smoothy was again destroyed in Greetings From Techadon, but was rebuilt by The More Things Change: Part 1.


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Since So Long, and Thanks for All the Smoothies, after the universe is destroyed by the Annihilarrgh and recreated by Alien X, Mr. Smoothy's mascot, colors, and logo are different.

End of Time[]

At the end of the Prime Timeline, the ruins of a Mr. Smoothy location will be one of the few things that is left. Eon occasionally uses its grounds as a lair.

Known Customers[]



Main Dimension[]

Dimension 23[]

Known Workers[]



Known Outlets[]


SoDS (2)

Sr. Smoothy

Dos Santos[]

  • Sr. Smoothy


Alien Force[]

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Ultimate Alien[]

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Video Games[]

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Video Games[]


Mr. Smoothy in Vilgax Attacks

Ben 10 Alien Force: Vilgax Attacks[]

In the game, Psyphon brings Mr. Smoothy to life with a laser, and he becomes a boss. Mr. Smoothy was defeated by Ben turning into nearly all of his aliens in a row, with the exclusion being Cannonbolt. The following is the order of each alien used:

  • Humungousaur: Throws a very painful punch to Mr. Smoothy's nose, leaving a red mark behind.
  • Echo Echo: Uses Wall of Sound (but with three clones), forcing Mr. Smoothy to cover his ears.
  • Swampfire: Throws fireballs, causing painful burns.
  • Chromastone: Shoots a laser beam, which Mr. Smoothy tries to block with his hand.
  • Spidermonkey: Shoots webbing into Mr. Smoothy's face (Mr. Smoothy gets annoyed and rips the webs off).
  • Big Chill: Uses his ice breath, leaving frost on Mr. Smoothy's face (two transformations later, the frost vanishes).
  • Jetray: Shoots a neuroshock blast from his tail.
  • Brainstorm: Shoots a bolt of lightning between Mr. Smoothy's eyes, angering him.
  • Goop: Jumps into Mr. Smoothy's mouth and attacks from the inside, finishing him off.

When Psyphon beamed the laser at the Mr. Smoothy billboard, Mr. Smoothy came out but the Mr. Smoothy cup he had in his right hand disappeared.

When Ben is fighting Mr. Smoothy, the Mr. Smoothy billboard sign in the background where Psyphon beamed the laser still has the Mr. Smoothy picture on it.

Mr. Smoothy could usually only say things smoothy related such as: 'No free refills for you!', 'Do you want one scoop or two!?' or 'Ben 10, it's time for your just desserts!'

In the ending cutscene for Bellwood, Mr. Smoothy is much bigger than in the boss battle as it is now taller than a building.

In the DS version, the player can unlock Mr. Smoothy as a playable character. He is unlocked by defeating the Mr. Smoothy boss at the highest in-game difficulty.

Naming and Translations[]

Language Name Origin
Arabic مستر انتعاش From "مستر", Mr.; and "انتعاش", Refreshed
Polish Mr. Smoothy From original
Portuguese (Br) Sr. Sorvete From Sr., Mr.; and Sorvete, Ice Cream
Spanish (HA) Sr. Raspados
Sr. Bebidas
Sr. Malteadas
Sr. Helado (Ben 10: Alien Force)
Sr. Smoothy (Ben 10: Omniverse)
Sr. Smoothy's (Ben 10: Omniverse)
Tienda de Smoothies (Store 23)
Sr. Malteada (Store 23)
Batidos (Cough It Up)
From Sr., Mr.; and raspado, slush (snow cone and shaved ice are the literal translations).
From Sr., Mr.; and bebida, beverage.
From Sr., Mr.; and malteada, milkshake.
Dub error; from Sr., Mr.; and helado, ice cream.
From the original English name; pronounced /ɛs'mutɪ/, /ɛs'mudɪ/.
From the original English name; pronounced /ɛs'mutɪs/, /ɛs'mudɪs/.
From smoothies (pronounced /ɛs'mutɪs/); and tienda, store.
From Sr., Mr.; and malteada, milkshake.
From batido, milkshake.


  • After Ben rebuilt the Universe in So Long, and Thanks for All the Smoothies, the restaurant's grape smoothies taste different than how they did before.
    • However, in episodes like A Jolt From the Past and Ben Again, where the past is shown, Mr. Smoothy's logo from the past is the one before the recreation of the universe, which suggests that the changes that the recreation of the universe caused, like Ben's hoodie, aren't retroactive.
    • Interestingly, Ben shows indifference to the logo change in So Long, and Thanks for All the Smoothies, but knows that the change has occurred, as shown when he is surprised that Collectimus also perceived the change as something unnatural for the universe in Collect This.
  • The Mr. Smoothy outlet located in Dos Santos is appropriately translated as "Sr. Smoothy", and the mascot is outfitted with a sombrero and mustache.[14]
  • Due to the fact that Ben often frequents this business and gives it his unofficial endorsement, the franchise receives a lot of publicity and will even open for him after closing time.[1]
  • In Dimension 23, Mr. Smoothies are replaced by Mr. Gyros.[20]
  • In the Generator Rex Universe, they are replaced by Bob's Biscuit Barn.[21]
  • As of Alien Force, Ben is still searching for his favorite smoothie flavor.[DM 1]
  • A real-life Mr. Smoothy exists in iMG Worlds of Adventure, Dubai.[22]
  • In the Brazilian dub, the establishment and its smoothies are often mistakenly referred to as ice cream, juice, vitamin and even milkshake.
    • This is possibly due to there not being a word that is a direct translation of Smoothie in Portuguese, so different terms are used throughout the series as substitutes for the word Smoothie, creating some odd situations in the Brazilian dubbing, such as 11 years old Ben saying he doesn't like ice cream (referring to Mr.Smoothy's Smoothies) in A Jolt From the Past, contradicting the fact that Ben was seen eating ice cream and liking it in Side Effects and Ben 4 Good Buddy.
    • Similarly, in the Latin American dub, smoothies have been referred to as drinks, ice cream, and shaved ice, although the term "smoothie" (left without translating) is the most commonly used.


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