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Mr. Billions is the father of Billy Billions in Ben 10.


Mr. Billions wears a dark grey coat with gold buttons matching pants. Under his coat, he has a purple shirt and a black neck tie. He wears a red-violet scarf around his neck. He also has grey hair, and black eyes and eye brows. He has a small black colored mustache.


Mr. Billions is a rich man that always spoils Billy, giving him anything he wants. He gets disappointed whenever Billy fails at something. Mr. Billions is so rich that he doesn't ever owe anything. When he does owe money, he pays money like it's pocket change. Mr. Billions is also desperate to get things that he owns, like Billy's Robots. He doesn't seem to talk much, as seen when he used his phone instead of talking to Max.


In Rustbucket RIP, when Billy failed to retrieve the Platinum Sumo Slammers card Mr. Billions was disappointed in Billy. After that, he brought Billy into their private helicopter.

In Don't Laze Me, Bro, Mr. Billions rented Laser Town for an entire day on Billy's birthday. When Billy's robots started rising against humans, Mr. Billions tried to stop them while Max told him they had to leave. Mr. Billions agreed to pay for the damage of Laser Town when Diamondhead and the robots destroyed it.

Prior to Roundabout: Part 1, he gave a sizable donation to a lab in Geneva, where Forever Knight and his team constructed the time portal.


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