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Morgg is the former warden of Incarcecon, and the main villain of the episode ...Nor Iron Bars a Cage.


Morgg has a tall humanoid body. His skin has an olive green color. He has defined cheekbones and lacks any hair or equivalent. Protruding from both sides of his head are short bone-white horns, in addition to a pentagonal spot on his forehead and a goatee-like jut from his chin of the same material. His eyes lack irises, presenting only pitch black sclerae and red pupils. As warden, he is only ever seen wearing a high-collared blue uniform, bearing a badge of the prison's symbol: a gold triangle with a black star on top a black circle.


Morgg is very headstrong and calculative. He is confident when in his controlling position as warden, unfazed by any threats made to him. He was aware that many prisoners wanted him dead, but was completely faithful in the security of his robotic guards, security systems, and contingencies.

Despite his will, he still was full of fear. He feared the Plumbers discovering his illegal activities, and thus was very stiff about maintaining Incarcecon's no-Plumber policy. When Kevin got his collar off, Morgg pleaded for his life, and was ready to offer all the money he ever made selling drugs.

Before he kills someone, he has a habit of telling them how their deaths will be reported, be it truthfully or not so truthfully.


Six years prior to Ultimate Alien[]

Morgg flashback

Morgg as a guard

Morgg began as a simple guard for the Incarcecon branch in the Null Void. He held a particular disdain for Kwarrel, a cool-headed prisoner who had a soothing influence on his fellow inmates. He discovered an escape tunnel Kwarrel was digging, and his anger grew as Kwarrel was helping Kevin Levin in particular. A few months after, Morgg secretly incited a major riot in the prison yard, so that he could intercept Kwarrel and Kevin as they tried to use the tunnel. Kwarrel tackled Morgg and made him drop his gun, giving Kevin a chance to escape. Morgg eventually picked up his gun in the brawl and shot Kwarrel dead.

In the tunnel, Morgg discovered deposits of blue dust, which, when inhaled, caused hallucinations and could be sold as drugs. Morgg later rose to the position of warden and made some extreme changes to Incarcecon. He fired all the previous guards, replacing them with humanoid robots, as robots wouldn't turn against him or report his illegal acts. He began using his prisoners as slave labor to mine underneath the facility for the drug dust, and used the prison as a front for dealing the dust. He enforced a policy that Incarcecon was off-limits to Plumber visitation. Any prisoners that were to be transferred to Incarcecon would be sent via one-way teleport, with no way to beam out of the prison, ensuring that no prisoners could escape and spill what he was doing.

Ultimate Alien[]

Kevin, after both having mutated from absorbing the Ultimatrix and having gone on a score-settling spree, returned to Incarcecon as a prisoner to get close to Morgg and get revenge for Kwarrel's death. Ben and Gwen Tennyson arrived at Incarcecon to warn Morgg of danger and secretly look for Kevin, feigning lack of knowledge of the prison's one-way teleport system. Morgg escorted them to temporary living quarters, locking the door to avoid them finding out about the prison's secret operations. Morgg later caught them snooping around in the mines and left his guards to kill them.

Kevin and Quince later found Morgg in the tunnels and approached him, Kevin wanting to kill him. To defend himself, Morgg activated a sonic disruption on all the prisoners collars revealing his true colors. Ben, as Echo Echo, destroyed the collars of the prisoners close to him, and Kevin ripped off his. Before he could kill Morgg, Ben intervened and held Kevin back, giving Morgg a chance to escape. Later, Kevin found him and shoved him into an elevator and sliced the winch holding it up. Morgg fell to the bottom of the mines, but was saved by Gwen's magic. Kevin flew away, thinking Morgg dead, meanwhile he was apprehended by Ben and Gwen.

Morgg was presumably handed over to the Plumbers to be tried for his crimes of prison slave labor, drug trafficking, murder, conealment, torture, attempted mass murder and negligence in his duties as warden.

Powers and Abilities[]

Morgg seems to be quite strong, as he was able to hold his own against Kwarrel, who himself was able to fend off Kevin 11 rather easily.


As the warden of Incarcecon, Morgg held full control of its robotic guards, able to summon them and command them to kill anyone he wanted. He also kept on his person a device which activated the sonic collars on all the prisoners, should they get near him or kill all the guards in the area.


Ultimate Alien[]

Season 2[]

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