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Monster Kevin is an amalgamation of Kevin Levin and his eleven Antitrix Aliens. It was induced by the Antitrix being tampered with by Charmcaster.


This transformation is an amalgam of Kevin and all of his aliens. Since Kevin's aliens have two species themselves, the number of overall aliens in this fusion is 23.

He wears the Antitrix symbol on his upper chest.

Powers and Abilities

Monster Kevin has the powers of every one of his eleven aliens mixed onto one but this is yet to be shown at its full extent.


Because of Charmcaster's spell, Monster Kevin does not have a mind of his own in this form, rather he is controlled by Charmcaster. That means if she is defeated, Kevin won't have anyone to control him. It also means he cannot use any of his powers that Charmcaster isn't aware of, limiting him by how much she knows.


Monster Kevin first appeared in the episode Which Watch, where he battled Humungousaur before Charmcaster's spellbook was destroyed by his fire breath and was able to break free from her control before reverting.


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