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Molecular Chef is an antagonist who appeared in Recipe for Disaster.


The Molecular Chef, in her human form, consists of an overweight, black female. She wears a scientist suit, as well as a lab coat.

In her true form, her skin is blue, and there are blue bumps on her. Her sclera becomes blue as well.


The Molecular Chef is seen as someone who creates food using molecular chemistry. Like the other Chefs, she thinks herself as the best, and tries to do so by attempting to cook Wildvine.


The Molecular Chef is first seen in Recipe for Disaster. She, like the other chefs with her, were taking place in the food festival. When Ben became Wildvine, she, like the others, took interest in him, wanting to cook him. During the time they were fighting Ben, they constantly argued, until they realized that what Stinkfly was emitting has methane, and the Skewer Chef attempted to burn him, but Ben outsmarted them, and they were defeated.

Powers and Abilities

The Molecular Chef has Freezing Spit, which is useful in capturing Wildvine. She can also emit Sleeping Particles, which can put the victim to sleep. As well as the powers, she also has Enhanced Speed, Agility, Strength, Reflexes, and Water Blast.


Her own arrogance in trying to capture Wildvine led her, and the others to their downfall.


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