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Mole-Stache is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of an unknown species from an unknown planet.


Mole-Stache is a rodentoid alien with a green and black jumpsuit in which his ears stick out and also has a pair of white gloves. He has a big blonde mustache and beaver-like teeth. He also wears a black and white belt and has a slight pot belly.

The location of the Omnitrix symbol on him is currently undetermined, though it is possible it may be on his back.

Powers and Abilities

Mole-Stache's mustache is free-forming and about as maneuverable as any limb, able to stretch and form itself into a variety of shapes. While doing so, he can perform with it feats like wrapping enemies up, forming hands, catching drafts, and carrying himself around. It can also be used as a parachute or propellers. Mole-Stache appears to have skill in hand-to-hand combat with the mustache.

Video Games

Ben 10: Omni-Charged

Mole-Stache is a playable alien character in the game.


  • Mole-Stache's existence in the Reboot Continuity was first confirmed by Duncan Rouleau, who explained on Twitter that all Classic Continuity aliens exist within the Omnitrix.[DR 1]
    • However, this depiction of Mole-Stache is exclusive to the VR game Ben 10: Omni-Charged.[DR 2]
    • The team who worked on the game, PHL Collective, requested for Mole-Stache's inclusion.[DR 3]


Duncan Rouleau

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