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Minitaur is an Accidental mutant created by Dr. Animo. He first appeared in Animo Farm.


Minitaur looks like a small humanoid bull. His skin is grayish-brown and he has curvy white horns with black tips on his head. He has black eye brows and eyes. He wears a red hat with white fluff on top. His socks are half white and half red. He wears a red chiton (Greek clothing) with white curves below his stomach.


Minitaur has a very low amount of confidence, even less than Nugget. He is a mix between pessimistic and realistic. He also has a Scottish accent.


Along with the other Accidentals, he was a slave on the farm. When Stinkfly convinced the Accidentals to work together as a team and break out of the Prison, they used teamwork to defeat Alphas. Minitaur fought against Wolfen Sheep. Wolfen Sheep tried to bite Minitaur, but Minitaur's horns got in the way. Later, the Accidentals and Stinkfly put the Alphas behind bars and they left the farm. The Accidentals later played football with Ben.

Powers and Abilities[]

Minitaur can use his horns to attack or defend himself. His horns are very strong, as Wolfen Sheep was not able to bit through them. He is also short, so it is harder to attack him below his horns.


If Minitaur is doesn't use his horns to defend and is attacked below his horns, he will get injured.


Ben 10[]

Season 1[]


His name is a portmanteau of "mini", referring to his diminutive size, and "minotaur", a monster from Greek mythology that was a human with the head of a bull, which he greatly resembles.


  • As a mutant bull he is reminiscent of Chiquito and Durango from Generator Rex.
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