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Milleous is the leader of the Incurseans. He first appeared in Ben 10 Versus the Universe: The Movie.


Milleous resembles a big frog who has green skin with warts on his arms, head and chin. He wears a black and gold robe with a second purple robe underneath, black pants, and a gold necklace with three dark orbs on it.


Milleous has a strong sense of justice, being a court judge, though he is not without some sense of humor.


Ben Tennyson

Milleous originally had a hatred for Ben, thinking that he was Vilgax. After banishing Ben to the Null Void, Milleous eventually learns that he falsely accused him. He attempts to make up for this by helping Ben get back to Earth through entering a wormhole, but fails, having been stopped halfway due to an asteroid belt. He grew a fondness for Ben, waving him goodbye and having tears in his eyes when he left to stop the real Vilgax.

Major Glorff

Milleous is Major Glorff's commander.


He has a strong hatred for Vilgax for his various crimes and the destruction of several planets. With the help of Azmuth, he took Vilgax into intergalactic custody.


Like many people, he respects Azmuth greatly. He is grateful for his help in repairing his ship, and bringing Vilgax to justice.

Tetrax Shard

He has a strong dislike for Tetrax for committing perjury in his court as a false witness and framing Ben as Vilgax in a miscarriage of justice.


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Milleous first appeared in Ben 10 Versus the Universe: The Movie, where he judged Ben at a trial. He then banished Ben to the Null Void. Later, Ben saved the Incurseans from being pulled into the Null Void, and Milleous offered to help Ben get home.

Powers and Abilities

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Long Prehensile Tongue

Milleous has a frog-like tongue that is long and sticky.


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Ben 10

Season 4


  • Milleous is referred to Grand Magistrate in the movie credits.
  • Milleous' design is based off his Classic Timeline counterpart's appearance in Omniverse.
  • Unlike his classic counterpart, Milleous is a court judge and an advocate for justice.
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