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Methanosians[1][2], also known as Homo Palustris[3][4][merch 1] are a humanoid plant species from the planet Methanos.[merch 2]

Their evolved counterparts are Evolved Methanosians.


Methanosians are a humanoid plant-like alien species with green and black colored bodies encrusted with muck. Their feet are root-like and have black toes resembling rocks. Their shoulders and heads are adorned with red and yellow petals. Methanosians can either have four or five fingers.

Methanosians are taller than an average human and have a distinct rotten stench that worsens with heat.

So far, only male Methanosians have been seen, so it is unknown what female Methanosians look like.

Before they hit puberty, they have black faces and their petals and facial structure are different. But at the age of 16 Earth years, they slowly blossom in their mature form.[2] In this form, their skin turns a brighter shade of green, and they are more muscular overall. Red bulbs sprout on their arms and shoulders, and their skin unfolds into a collar-like shape around the neck. However, not all Methanosians undergo the blossoming process, as shown with Swamps[5].

Powers and Abilities[]

Methanosians have a high degree of chlorokinesis,[DJW 1] being able to telepathically interface with most any nearby plant life and manipulate their growth.[merch 3] Some plants have a brief green aura when they influence them.[6] After "blossoming", Methanosians are able to easily grow plants from the ground by simply raising their hand.[2]

Aside from Earth plants, Methanosians can use their telepathic plant interface with alien plant life, which was what allowed Swampfire to free Max from the Highbreed Tree Monster.[7] Swampfire could also control the plants on Vilgaxia.[6] In their "blossomed" form, their telepathic influence over plants extends to sentient plant life, such as the Living Pumpkins from Anur Transyl.[2]

A Methanosian's body produces large amounts of highly flammable methane gas,[AF Brief 1][merch 3] which they can ignite in their palms similar to a flamethrower.[merch 4] This allows them to spew out a steady stream of fire, or to create fireballs, which they can throw with great precision, as Swampfire was able to free Kevin and Gwen from a cage without harming them by hitting it with a fireball.[8] A Methanosian's fire blasts are powerful enough to harm Vaxasaurians[9] and Sonorosians.[10] Methanosians are also capable of breathing fire, as demonstrated by Swamps.[5]

Methanosians are capable of limited flight through means of launching fire from their palms as jet propulsion, much like Heatblast.[11]

Methanosians can generate seeds from their body that phase into or pierce into any ground or flooring before becoming vines strong enough to restrain a Highbreed[12] and a Chimera Sui Generis.[13]

A Methanosian's body structure allows them to walk straight through thin spaces such as the gaps between iron bars.[8] When Swampfire was crushed under a large container, his body deformed into vines that burrowed through and then out of the ground to reform him instantly. In the same instance, Kevin punched Swampfire in the torso, resulting in his fist getting stuck in it until Swampfire punched him back. Additionally, Methanosians are nearly impervious to physical harm[merch 4] and appear to be immune to laser bolts, as they simply passed right through Swampfire and seemed to tickle him.[14]

Methanosians are capable of regenerating and regrowing any damaged or destroyed body parts, allowing them to grow back lost limbs, holes in their bodies, or even their heads. Swampfire was even able to regrow and reform his body from remains when it was torn apart by Goop's antigravity projector.[15][merch 4]

Another method of regeneration involves reattaching detached or severed body parts.[merch 4] This is accomplished by manipulating their vine-like "veins" and tentacles to reach out and meld with the insides of the detached limb and return them to the body, allowing them to reconstitute automatically if damaged.[14]

Methanosians are able to extend their fingers and feet into long roots that can dig through rock.[6]

After "blossoming", Methanosians gain the ability to grow vines with a flame tip from their hands and use them as whips, which are able to cut through plasma generated by Ball Weevil's species.[16]

Methanosians have enhanced strength, as Swampfire was able to push over a Highbreed Weather Array using leverage by turning his feet into roots running deep into the ground.[17] He was even hold his own against Vilgax with his bare fists.[13] However, they are physically weaker than Crystalsapiens,[DM 1] Tetramands, and Vaxasaurians.[DM 2]

Methanosians are capable of jumping exceptionally high.[17]

Methanosians are immune to the lethal toxins in Methanos' atmosphere.[merch 5][merch 3]

Methanosians, despite being humanoid plants, are resistant to cold temperatures.[17]

A Methanosian's methane has a very pungent smell that is intolerable to some species like the Incurseans, which will make them retch and faint.[8] Using their methane abilities, Methanosians can produce "sleeping spores" that can render humans unconscious.[18]

Methanosians can generate vine-like tentacles from his back.[19]

A Methanosian's body can generate a type of mud that sticks to everything but them, which Swampfire used to blind Negative Humungousaur, as the latter could not pull it off his eyes and had to change into Negative Big Chill to get rid of it.[9]

Methanosians are able to heal other people's wounds, as demonstrated when Swampfire reattached Reinrassig III's severed hand after it was cut off by an unnamed Turrawuste bug creature.[4]


A Methanosian's fire attacks can be cancelled out by fire extinguishers[20] and water generated by Orishan.[5]

Similar to a Lepidopterran's odor, a Methanosian's swampy stench can make it hard for them to hide from anybody or anything capable of smelling.

Methanosians can be harmed by electricity, such as that generated by a Conductoid.[16]

A Methanosian's seed vines can be destroyed by acid, as demonstrated by the Stalker.[20]

Methanosians can be immobilized by ice, such as the ice beams of the DNAlien Freeze Guns and the ice breath of a Necrofriggian.[17][9]

A Methanoian's body heat can make it difficult for them to fight opponents that are attracted to heat, like reptiles.[21]

Methanosians are unable to control sentient plants, such as the Plant Clones, let alone weeds[22] until they "blossom".[2]

Video Games[]

In the Ben 10: Alien Force (Video Game) timeline, Methanosians can channel their flames into a concentrated fireball or fire beam, tunnel underground and burst in a coating of flames.

In the Ben 10 Alien Force: Vilgax Attacks timeline, Methanosians are capable of igniting their hands for "flaming fists", creating a ring of fire, and causing thorny vines to sprout from the ground.

In the Ben 10 Ultimate Alien: Cosmic Destruction timeline, Methanosians are able to ignite plants under their control.

Notable Methanosians[]

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Non-Canon Methanosians[]


The name Methanosian is derived from "methane".

Their alternate name, Homo Palustris, is derived from the Latin words "homo", meaning "man", and "palustris", meaning "swampy" or "marshy".


  • Methanosian blooming reflects the blooming practices of real-life flowers.
  • Derrick J. Wyatt doubted that Methanosians eat plants, stating that they probably absorb nutrients from soil through their feet and use photosynthesis.[DJW 2]



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