Jessanna Stansu

aka Jess

  • I live in my own little world. Just kidding, the USA
  • My occupation is aspiring writer/artist
  • I am a girl obssessing over Star Wars, Captain Marvel, and Avatar: The Last Airbender...
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  • Hey thanks for helping out in our plan. It worked at the end. Blaziken showed signs of being a living human.

    We had spoken with another person to act annoyed at our "complaints". He, for some reason didn't help out when we told him. So thank you for helping us out.

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    • Do you even know what Autism is, or understand what it means? Well, if not, I shall enlighten you.

      To put it in plain terms, it means my brain is wired differently then someone who doesn't have it. It's not a disease, therefore I can't 'get better', and it can be a disability. I react in bad ways to flashing lights, loud noises, crowds, and the sort; it also sometimes makes me have panic attacks when I get overwhelmed. Also, I'm unable to read social cues correctly, and can misperceive situations because of it. I also react to different subjects rather touchily because of things I've gone through that are related to it.

      Therefore, I don't think this conversation should continue, because I can't read the context correctly or understand what you're talking about. As for if I sounded stuffy, I was just trying to keep a civil tone, because I have a temper and people misunderstanding Autism is something that sets it off.

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    • ...Okay. *shrug*

      I don't really want to anger you or make you feel bad even more for very silly things, so I will simply stop replying.

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