Big Pauly16

aka Randy Allan Pete

  • I live in Cleveland
  • I was born on March 29
  • My occupation is a cancer patient
  • I am a Semi-Active admin

Hello i'm Gummy Coke!Welcome to my message wall.

You can just call me GummyEdit

Because you can just call me Gummy!

Please read this before postingEdit

  • Don't post messages that is 3 and below characters.
  • Don't post a message that is not important
  • If i didn't reply on your messages,you can look for me in the chat.

Hello i didn't want any bad words here because i'm the Gummy Coke! Edit

Hello guys i have created a table on my message wall!

Alien X 100% My most favorite Alien!
Toepick 95%

My second favorite Alien!

Articguana 80% My third favorite Alien!
Terraspin 75% My fourth favorite Alien!
The Worst 10% My fifth and final favorite Alien!
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