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Melvin is a recurring character in Ben 10 who is friends with Tevin.


Melvin is an overweight Caucasian man with brown hair. The sides of his head are shaved and he sports a large beard and mustache. He wears a scarf with different patters of red shading and white lines around his neck. He wears a white dress shirt with two blue straps with silver on each strap. The straps hold up red clothing that holds up his blue jean shorts, similar to overalls. He has two brown bands on his right arm and 1 band along with a bike tattoo on his left arm. He wears red and white socks and black and white shoes.


Melvin likes to act obnoxious along with his friend Tevin. He enjoys playing jokes on people. When he's at work, he serves his costumers like a regular restaurant worker, but he won't help them if he's busy.


In Forgeti, he made fun of Gwen for believing in the Forgeti and played tricks on her along with Tevin.

In Screamcatcher, he served Ben, Gwen, and Max their food at his resturaunt.

In The 11th Alien: Part 1, he walked around the desert with Tevin.

In The 11th Alien: Part 2, he was trying to solve his problems with the crystals.


Ben 10

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