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The Drones are robot minions built to serve Vilgax in his conquests. Vilgax uses these drones because no one else would dare be around him out of fear.[pop-up 1][1][merch 1]


The drones are robotic rather than organic and are red or orange in color.

Types of Drones

Basic Drones

Basic Drone

These small, weak, UFO-shaped drones were the most commonly seen drones in the original series and are referred to as Mecha droids.[DJ 1] They were capable of flight and had several small limbs armed with lasers and blades. They could also cybernetically fuse with organic creatures, turning them into powerful human/drone hybrids, like with Rojo, with whom Vilgax can mentally communicate and influence.

They are capable of firing laser beams out of their robotic arms.

They are not particularly durable, as Wildmutt was able to destroy them with relative ease.[1]. In the same episode, Gwen destroys a drone using a shovel, saving Ben because the Omnitrix ran out of power.

They are red with grey limbs and can see 360 degrees due to their movable vision.

Gigantic Drones

Gigantic Drones

Roughly 40 feet tall with more humanoid features and three insectoid legs, called Attack robots.[DJ 2] They possess great strength and large claws, can spawn Basic Drones from their shoulders, can shoot laser blasts, and spin their legs to make a mini-tornado. Vilgax sent one in And Then There Were 10 to fight against Ben Tennyson, and uses many more in Secret of the Omnitrix, but they were easily destroyed by Way Big.

Regular Drones

Small humanoid drones (pictured in info-box) that are used for non-offensive work, and usually seen on Vilgax's ship and are referred to as Crewmen.[DJ 3] He uses them to manage his ship functions, keep him informed of any new developments, set up equipment, and serve as his personal foot soldiers. They are capable of speech, unlike other drones, and possess laser guns, grenades, and jet packs when fighting.

Large Drones

Humanoid drones that are larger and more muscular than the normal drones. They are stronger, more durable, and carry laser cannons.

Flying Drones

Robots that have the heads of the humanoid drones, but have bigger and flight-capable bodies with pincer-like arms and legs. They are made for air and space combat, but can also transform into walkers to function on land. They are capable of flight in atmosphere and outer space, and attack with laser blasters.

Insectoid Drones

They appear as beetle-like drones that can fly, and have weapons like scythes, lasers, drills, bombs, and photon arrays. Vilgax comes to Earth with an army of these types of drones to draw out Ben Tennyson by attacking a city in Secrets.


Appears in The Visitor. It is slightly larger than the Basic Drone, and barely any different in appearance, though Mechadroids have recognizable faces and spider-like legs rather than the Basic Drone's limbs. They are able to absorb other mechanical devices in order to gain additional abilities, such as attaching a tank to itself to use its cannon, and for each machine merged with, they grow larger and stronger.

Other Drones

Vilgax also has repair drones on his ship; crab-like drones whose purpose is to fix any damages to his warship. Seen near the end of And Then There Were 10, fixing the damage that his ship sustained in the battle for the Omnitrix.

Very tiny medical drones are used to heal Vilgax's wounded body in his healing tank after the battle in the same episode.

In Secret of the Omnitrix, when Vilgax assaulted and boarded Tetrax's ship, small flying crab-like drones came after Ben when he was stuck piloting a Gyro Pod in space. They resembled the basic UFO's body piece with four limbs attached and a propulsion piece on the underside, and could gradually weld through the Gyro Pod's metal using their limbs.


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  • Vilgax creates his drones with a special aggressive mode for battle.[pop-up 2][2]
  • The gigantic Attack Drones were based off Droidekas from Star Wars.[DJ 4]
    • They had trouble animating the head and arms, but the legs ended up looking cooler than designer Dave Johnson expected.[DJ 2]

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