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Ben 10™: Mecha Madness is a middle grade original graphic novel based on Cartoon Network’s global hit series, Ben 10, written by C.B. Lee and illustrated by Lidan Chen.[1] In this blast from the antique past, sprockets and gears go flying when Team Tennyson gets into fisticuffs with the antediluvian villain Steam Smythe.


In Mecha Madness, when Ben’s cousin Gwen discovers a mecha-suit left behind in disrepair by the steampunk villain Steam Smythe, she can’t help but fix it back into working condition and test it out. While Ben may not approve, Gwen’s new suit might be their only chance of stopping the relentless Steam Smythe and his army of mecha-creatures from clashing with innocent civilians as they hunt down their lost machine.




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