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Maxine Sez is a character who first appeared in Adventures in Babysitting.


Maxine is an overweight African-American woman. She has short dark brown colored hair with grey streaks on the front. She wears red lipstick on her lips. She wears a blue Hawaiian shirt similar to Max's red Hawaiian shirt. She also wears khaki shorts and shoes with the colors red, black, and orange. She also wears a brown bracelet with blue circles on it.


Maxine cares about her grandkids and is usually not too strict with them. She relies on Ryan to take care of Simon when she is not around, and doesn't worry a lot much when leaving the two grandkids alone.


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In Adventures in Babysitting, she went on a hike with Max and left her grandkids in the Rustbucket with Ben and Gwen. During her hike with Max, he was having issues (that he denied) with hydration while she wasn't. After the hike was over, she departed with her grandchildren.


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  • Maxine is very similar to Max in several ways.
    • Both have 2 grandchildren.
    • Both wear Hawaiian shirts.
    • Both have RVs.
    • Both like hiking, but Maxine appears to like it more than Max.
    • Both have "Max" in their names.
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