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Wow, Grandpa. He's like the kick-butt version of you.

Diamondhead to Max.

Maximilian Tennyson, also known as Maximus, is a version of Max Tennyson from another dimension. He comes to the Reboot dimension to help fight against Alien X.


Maximillian resembles his primary counterpart except his hair is all-white, he does not wear a vest, he has a white beard, and has a robotic right arm that can transform into a high-tech gun. Additionally, he wears darker blue pants with a stripe down the sides, brown heavy-duty combat boots, and a brown sash with four pouches and a metal shoulderpad.



One day, Maximilian and his grandson encountered Alien X in a town. Seeing how powerful Alien X was, Max asked Ben to warp away with him. However, Ben decided to take on Alien X himself. Ben tried to fight Alien X as Four Arms, but was defeated and executed while his Omnitrix was taken.

Devastated at the deaths of his grandchildren, Max swore revenge against Alien X. As he chased Alien X through different dimensions, Max's vengeance faded away when he discovered that Alien X was stealing Omnitrices. Though he was able to heal alternate Bens and other bystanders should they have been injured, Max was always one step behind Alien X.

Ben 10

Maximilian arrives in Dimension 12041.5, where he attempts to stop Alien X from taking away that dimension's Ben's Omnitrix. However, he arrives too late. However he is able to fix Ben's damaged arm, and repair his doppelgänger's body. Max transports to his Rustbucket in space. He logs his recent failure. He then tries to plan a way to stop Alien X. Maximus searches for a dimension that Alien X hasn't hit yet. He finds a timeline that he hasn't been to, and plans to go there. His vehicle is attacked by parasites, and he's forced to destroy the R.V. Maximus arrives in Dimension 27998.3, where he meets Team Tennyson. He explains the Omniverse to them, and Alien X. He tells them about how Alien X killed his Ben.

Powers and Abilities

Max possesses high-level technology, such as weapons. His arm is technologically equipped with a powerful firearm.


Season 5


  • Ironically, despite correcting others that he is from an alternate dimension and not the future, the credits refer to him as "Future Max".
  • This Max's design is based on his Ben 10,000 Timeline counterpart's design in Ben 10,000 with the addition of Plumber weaponry similar to that used by Classic Timeline Max in Omniverse.
  • His Rust Bucket looks similar to the one in the Classic Timeline.
  • It is implied that his dimension's Gwen was killed by Alien X.
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