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A.I. Max is a version of Max from an alternate timeline.[1]


Max resembles his past counterpart, but as a hologram.


A.I. Max acts near identically to his past self, being very supportive of his grandchildren and always looking for a way to help them. Despite losing his body years ago along with his ability to eat, he retains his love of food.


At some point, Ben 10,000 indirectly caused an incident that resulted in Max's conscience being transferred into a hologram. Although the details are unclear, Ben blames himself for failing Max.

Powers and Abilities

A.I. Max is able to disappear and reappear at will. He is able to create holograms that he can interact with.


Due to being a hologram, A.I. Max is physically untouchable by others, as he was unable to catch Gwen when a tremor caught her off-balance. Likewise, Ben 10,000 is unable to hug him.


Ben 10

Season 5


  • The subtitles for Ben 10,010 refers to him as M.A.X.[2][3]


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