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Max Tennyson or Grandpa Max as his grandchildren call him, is the paternal grandfather of Ben, Gwen, and Glitch.


Regular Appearances

Max has grey and white hair, and has brown eyes. He wears a white shirt with a red Hawaiian shirt with orange clovers on top, and has a brown cargo vest on top of it all. He wears blue jeans and brown shoes. He has a brown and gold watch on his right arm.

As seen in a flashback in The Chupaca-bro, as a child, he wore the same clothes his present counterpart. He had brown hair and was less chubby.

Occasional Appearances

In Beach Heads, he wore white t-shirt and red swimsuit.

In Introducing Kevin 11, he wore black hat and blue and yellow Hawaiian shirt with the number 10 behind it.


Max cares about his grandkids, and is usually not too strict with them. He teaches them things a normal parent would teach. He is usually on Gwen's side when Ben and Gwen fight.


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Max used to play badminton with his friends in college. They were called the "Fabulous Four".[2] He is friends with Phil, who is an engineer.

Powers and Abilities

Max doesn't have any superpowers, however, he has wisdom and basic knowledge on how to survive in the wilderness. He is in above average condition for a man of his age.


Max has been afraid of goats since childhood and still is.[3]


Ben 10

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