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Well, my name is Max, and I'm the grandfather. I've been taking my grandkids on vacation all summer. At some point, I guess I'll have to take them home.

– Max introducing himself.[11]

Maxwell "Max" Tennyson[12] or Grandpa Max as his grandchildren call him, is the paternal grandfather of Ben, Gwen, and Glitch.


Regular Appearances[]

Max has grey and white hair, and has brown eyes. He wears a white shirt with a red Hawaiian shirt with orange clovers on top, and has a brown cargo vest on top of it all. He wears blue jeans and brown shoes. He has a brown and gold watch on his right arm.

As seen in a flashback in The Chupaca-bro, as a child, he wore the same clothes as he does in the present. He had brown hair and was less chubby.

Occasional Appearances[]

In Beach Heads, he wore white t-shirt and red swimsuit.

In Introducing Kevin 11, he wore black hat and blue and yellow Hawaiian shirt with the number 10 behind it.

In Dreamtime, he wore a white shirt and thin striped pants as pajamas. He also wore slippers.

In Digital Quality, Max resembled Max's design from the Orignal Series in a flashback.

In Cosplay Day, Max wore his barbaric attire with Forever Knight's helmet.


Max cares about his grandkids, and is usually not too strict with them. He teaches them things a normal parent would teach. He is usually on Gwen's side when Ben and Gwen fight. He seems to always be the voice of reason.

Max cares for his family even if they are from another dimension. He showed concern for Ultimate Alien Ben, who is confused for his concern as he is not his Ben, to which Maximillian replied "You're all my Ben".

Max seems to really enjoy food, as shown when he ate a sandwich with Stinkfly's goo in it.[13]

Max always tries to make sure his grandkids are safe and looks after them. As such, he will do anything to keep them safe, as he was willing to jump into the volcano to help Ben with Vilgax right before Gwen jumped in.[14]

Max deeply values the Rustbucket, as shown when he gets angry over LaGrange insulting the Rustbucket.[15] He loves the Rustbucket "more than anything in the world", although he accepts it is simply an object.[16] Max also seems to be really into the Omni-Copter, seeing as how he both names the copter and changes the name every once in a while.

Max seems rather fearless, as shown when he piloted the Omni-Copter while it was being attacked by Steam Smythe and calmly asked a panicking Phil if the incident reminded them of "the good old days".[17]

Despite his fondness of his days as a Plumber, Max is constantly denying this to his grandkids. For example, he interrupted Gwen when she asked Phil who he meant by "we" when the latter made mention of people helping him track the Forever Knight.[18] When Alien Force Ben brings up his dimension's Plumbers, Max was nervously denying he was one.[19]

Max does not like feeling left out or useless, showing jealousy of Ben and Kevin fighting over Vin.[20] He even tried to take on Hex on his own just so he can feel of use before learning he should accept that there are things he cannot do.[21]

Max is protective of his grandkids when it comes to them being criticized by peers. For example, when Maximilian called Ben a "stubborn brat", Max came to his grandson's defense by regarding his counterpart as an "insensitive jerk".[19]



Ben Tennyson[]

Max and Ben in Big in japan

Max and Ben have sort of a father-son relationship at times. Max often gives Ben advice by telling him what not to do, such as starring at screens for too long and cooking food as Heatblast, but Ben is annoyed by it. Over time, Ben starts to accept the fact that his advice is helpful and he should listen to him more.[22]

Gwen Tennyson[]

Gwen and Max Team

Max usually takes Gwen's side when Ben and Gwen argue. Max and Gwen sees themselves as 'Team Destroy'. They take down a lot of villains machines, while Ben is usually the distraction.


Phil Billings[]

Max and Phil have been very close friends since childhood and are functionally a dynamic duo, with Max being the man of action.[DR 3]

Vin Ethanol[]

Max disapproves of Vin being a role model towards Ben, thinking that there are lots of better ones like himself. Since Vin is a criminal, Max does not trust Vin yet feels like he is actually a nice guy. Max offers Vin to join the Tennyson family after learning that he has not had anybody around ever since his son grew up to be a lawyer.[23]

Kevin Levin[]

Like the rest of the Tennyson family, he is wary of Kevin. However, he has acknowledged the good in him and his actions.



Max used to play badminton with his friends in college, who called themselves the "Fabulous Four".[24] While in college, he was also the MVP for color guard.[11]

He became friends with Phil, who is an engineer. He helped Phil to make a satellite device so they can make contact with aliens.[23] After that they became Plumbers.[DR 2]

During his 20's, Max was in a biker gang.[25]

In 1978, Max was the Midwest cheese eating champion.[26]

In the eighties, Max became a DJ.[27]

At some point in the 2000s, Max agreed to take Ben and Gwen on a road trip around the country. On the first day of Summer, Max took the kids near Mount Rushmore. While Ben and Gwen looked around for firewood, Max went fishing. Shortly after, Ben found the Omnitrix.

Ben 10[]

Sometime after, in Waterfilter, Max helped take down the Hydromanders.

In Omni-Tricked, Max was present when Ben fought Dr. Animo's creature. After Ben defeats Animo's created, he starts switching from alien to alien. Later on, Max alongside the rest of the Tennyson trio travels to an underground work site to find his old buddy Phil Billings. Soon they move to a forest so people can't get harmed by Ben's uncontrolled power. Later on Max gets ready to jump in a volcano and help Ben with Vilgax. Gwen jumps in instead. Soon after Max jumps in to catch Gwen after she's throw by Four Arms. Vilgax is soon defeated and the Tennyson trio continues their road trip across the country.

Not soon after, the trio visits a space launch. Vilgax is present and Max and Gwen attempts to help Ben from the ground, while Ben takes on Vilgax in the spacecraft.

In Super-Villain Team-Up, Max and Gwen helps take out Zombozo's mind control machine. Max later helps drive the Rustbucket off of the ship.

During Chicken Nuggets of Wisdom, Max and Ben has an argument about how Max is always telling Ben what to do. Max says he's giving him advice. Ben soon leaves the Rustbucket. Later on, Max is turned into a chicken by Dr. Animo. Max figures out a solution to defeating Animo's bat creature. Max is later reverted back to his human form.

Max takes the kids to a box car race in Innervasion. Later on Max takes the kids, alongside a captured Vilgax, to a campsite. The next morning Max chats with Vilgax. Later on that night Max takes on the robot with a bat. Soon after the robot is defeated. Later on, Max and Gwen stays behind while Vilgax and Ben enters the Omnitrix. A Fulmini later soldier steps out of the Omnitrix. He shoots the soldier with a laser while running alongside Gwen. Gwen and Max receives a message from Glitch, after defeating the Fulmini soldier. Max and Gwen enters the Omnitrix using the boxcar. They enter the watch and runs into Ben, as a mind controlled Shock Rock. They soon break Ben out of his mind control state. Glitch drives by in the Rustbuggy, and takes them to the DNA pods. Max transforms into an Arburian Pelarota. The Tennyson trio, with the addition of Glitch, defeats the High Override. Then they drive off.

In Omni-Copped, Max piloted the Omni-Copter, and managed to keep everyone safe while Slapback was in the back, causing it to move up in down.

In The Bentathlon, Max, alongside Ben and Gwen, were captured by Forever Knights guards. Max and Gwen were left trapped while Ben fought in an arena. They eventually managed to escape, get the copter, and save Ben.

In Roundabout, Max and Gwen went to Phil's house, seeking help to find Ben. Phil tells them that he can track the Omnitrix. They fly to Switzerland, and arrive at the science lab where Forever Knight, his team, and Ben are located. Soon Gwen sneaks into the lab, and lets Max and Phil in. Soon all three of them runs into Forever Knight and his team are located. Max commands Gwen to take on Kevin and Charmcaster, and Phil take on Billy and Simon, while he takes on Vin. While fighting Vin, Max learns of his history with his son and offers for Vin to join the Tennyson family. After Ben and Gwen return from the time portal, Max flies everyone in the Omni-Copter with Ben tells him the story on how Forever Knight was defeated by Kevin.

In Summer Breakers, Max, Phil, Gwen, and Ben searched for mysterious new alien tech Phil picked up on his scanners. They visit where Ben first found the Omnitrix to find it. Breaker One-Nine soon shows up, and he has rights to search the forest since he has a permit. Max and Phil leave to go get a permit. The two soon returns with a permit, and Ben finds the thing that they were looking for. Soon Breaker One-Nine is defeated.

In Cosplay Day, Max spots Forever Knight's helmet, and he fights off his host. He soon tells Ben and Gwen of Forever Knight's presence. Max attempts to find the Knight's helmet and Capture it. Ben soon runs into him, and they go on top of a roof. Max walks in to the top of the roof, and his body is taken over by Forever Knight's helmet. Forever Knight tries to reason with ben by threatening to drop Max's body off of a roof. Ben however stops the Knight, and with the help of Gwen they remove the helmet from Max's head. They soon give the helmet to Phil, so he can do some testing.

In Ben 10 Versus the Universe: The Movie, Max drives the Tennyson's to Phil's house, after getting a call about something important. Once they arrive Phil tells them about a meteor heading towards Earth. Ben goes into space to stop it, but disappears. Max, Gwen, and Phil hug each other bracing for impact, however, nothing happens. Max and Gwen drive around trying to find Ben, following Phil's reading on the Omnitrix's energy signatures. However, they run into Kevin. Max offers for Kevin to come with them to fix his Antitrix. Later, Vilgax attacks them. After Kevin's watch is taken, Max drives through a desert, trying to escape AntiVilgax. The Rustbucket gets attacked, and ravaged. Later on, Max gives Kevin a pep talk, and encourages him to team up with Ben and stop Vilgax. After becoming Alien V, Vilgax is soon defeated. Max, alongside Ben, Gwen, a destroyed Glitch, and Phil, drives off to Nebraska.

Powers and Abilities[]

Max doesn't have any superpowers, however, he has wisdom and basic knowledge on how to survive in the wilderness. He is in above average condition for a man of his age, as he was able to hold back the Cadobbit.[28]

Even with his age, Max is strong enough to lift three people.[24]

Max seems to be pretty acrobatic for a man his age as, while under Zombozo's mind control, he was able to do a whole flip from one table to another, right before getting hit with Ben's cake.[29]

Max is also a very skilled driver.[6][30]

Max had magic control for a short period of time.[31]

For a man his age, Max seems to be very skilled at self defense, as he was able to take on a security guard controlled by Forever Knight's helmet with little to no struggle.[32]

Since being turned into a chicken in Chicken Nuggets of Wisdom, Max has the ability to understand chickens.[33]


Max has been shown to be very skilled at using makeshift weapons in combat against the group's main villains.

Max was given a pair of issue blasters by Maximilian Tennyson.[19]


Max has been afraid of goats since childhood and still is. At the end of The Chupaca-bro, he overcame this trauma by saving Ben from Pequeno Fofinho.

Max can be easily squished by things heavier than him like Cannonbolt.[34]

Max is vulnerable to Zombozo's hypnosis equipment[24] and Hex's mind control spells.[35][2]

Max can be immobilized by ice[36]

Max is vulnerable to Nanny Nightmare's Regressive Baby Powder.[37][38]


Ben 10[]

All episodes and movies except for:



Max has appeared in every book set within the Reboot Continuity.

Video Games[]


  • Max is voiced by David Kaye instead of Paul Eiding because the crew wanted a different take on his voice.[JF 1]
  • There was an episode planned where Max was sentenced to community service after dressing up like the tooth fairy, but Cartoon Network pulled the script.[DR 4]
  • Max uses heartburn medication.[39]
  • Prior to Alien X-Tinction, there were multiple hints that Max is affiliated with the Plumbers:
    • In a Villainous short tying in with Ben 10 released in 2018, Max was stated to be a Magister.[5]
    • In Out to Launch, Max got past the security firewall for the Pioneer Model-E system, which surprised Gwen. Although she passed it off as being lucky, Max smirked while nonchalantly asking if he broke it, suggesting he actually knew what he was doing.
    • In Buggy Out, the Forever Knight stated that the Rustbucket has technology he wanted to assimilate.
    • In Roundabout: Part 1, Phil made mention of people helping him track the Forever Knight, the identities of whom Max made an effort to keep Gwen from knowing.
  • Duncan Rouleau believes that either Max or Phil were the intended recipients of the Omnitrix.[DR 3]


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Duncan Rouleau[]

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