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Mary Jo Fourfeathers is a minor character in Ben 10.


She wears red glasses, a khaki uniform; button shirt with the sleeves ruled up and shorts, and boots.


Mary Jo has a sweet, funnable, gentle and intelligent personality.

She's very passionate and protective to snakes and other reptiles. She treats them with kindness and aid them with medical procedures, talking and treating them like people and her friends.

She can be very observant and detailing when it comes to reptiles and snakes. Including unnatural related reptiles like King Koil being a hyper evolved sentient reptile. With hair. And the Quetzalcoatl like mutant.


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Mary first appeared in the episode King Koil. She received a visit from Ben and Gwen at the Reptile Ranch to help them with their chores. That day she would take a strange course for Mary when she found the skin of an unknown reptile, so she is astonished and even more so when the owner of that skin would appear: King Koil, a being similar to a humanoid snake who sought to take control of the reptiles of the place.

When Mary looked at King Koil, she was astonished. He had never seen a "human-like reptile" before, so he began to speak and observe Koil in detail. This attitude led to King Koil falling in love with Mary, so he wanted to make her his queen. However, Mary rejects him due to Koil's intentions.

After Ben defeats King Koil and he escapes, Mary Joe says goodbye to Ben and Gwen.

She briefly appeared in Vin Diagram, where she signaled the racers to begin the race.

She reappeared in Chicken In Chichen Itza.


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