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Map of Infinity is the first episode of the second season of Ben 10: Ultimate Alien, and the eleventh episode overall.


Continued from the previous episode, Aggregor has absorbed the powers of Bivalvan, Galapagus, P'andor, Andreas, and Ra'ad, transforming him into Ultimate Aggregor, an unstoppable conglomeration of all five aliens. Ben, as Humungousaur, attacks Aggregor in a fight of rage and anger on account of him thinking Aggregor killed them, seemingly pummeling him unconscious.

As Ben was about to beat Aggregor some more, Gwen stops him with her force fields. However, Ultimate Aggregor stands up and smugly tells Ben that he didn't feel a thing. He now has the complete invulnerability of Bivalvan's armored exoskeleton. Gwen tries the Eradico spell, but that doesn't work either. Before blasting her unconscious with the energy eye pulses of P'andor, he rhetorically asks Gwen if she ever knew Galapagus' people are completely invulnerable to mana. He then battles Kevin and Grandpa Max, but Kevin is defeated with the brute strength of Andreas, and Max by the electrical surge blasts of Ra'ad. Humungousaur tries to attack him again, but Aggregor defeats him with one, earth-shattering punch ("courtesy" of Andreas). Ben changes back to human before drifting off into unconsciousness.

Ben wakes up from Aggregor's attack to see Azmuth in his face. Azmuth seems upset by the Ultimatrix's workmanship (and considers its evolutionary function begging for trouble), which was made from his former assistant, Albedo. As the group contemplates on how to find Aggregor, Azmuth rules out that he definitely won't be looking for a new ship, as he no longer needs one with his new powers. He then tells the group that Aggregor is now looking for the most important object in the universe. And they must stop him before he obtains it.

Ben, Gwen and Kevin in Plumber suits

Azmuth brings Ben, Gwen, and Kevin to Galvan Mark II, where he explains what Aggregor wanted all along, the Map of Infinity. A fabled artifact with power that extends across seventeen dimensions, and can give the user the power to travel anywhere. Because of how powerful this thing is, Professor Paradox divided the map into four pieces, and hid them in random places throughout the galaxy. Aggregor captured those five aliens for their powers. That combination now makes him powerful enough to survive the deadly quest for all the quarters of the map. Gwen doesn't understand why he would go through all this trouble for a simple map at first. But Max points out that the map is only the key to Aggregor's real plan. Once he reassembles the pieces, he will go to the Forge of Creation and become even more powerful. Gwen halts the mission briefing upon noticing Max doesn't look good, and notices that he's burning up with a fever. Azmuth's diagnosis is that his entire nervous system has been damaged from Aggregor's electrical attack. Azmuth forces Max to stay off the mission to recover while the group's job is to secure the map pieces (just one time out of four) before Aggregor can obtain them.

Ben, Gwen, and Kevin go to the place where the first map piece is held, a temple on a planet called Mikd'lty. Gwen points out an interesting fact about the planet: "It's really close to the sun entitley locked", which means the same of the planet is always and exclusively facing the sun, making the planet half frozen on the night side (-320 degrees), and half molten (3,600 degrees) on the day side. The team has to wear Plumber suits or they could die in the planet's atmosphere. They find the temple where the map piece is held, but it's guarded by white Necrofriggians (Big Chill's species). Gwen tries to make peace with them, but they refuse entry. Ben assures them they can go inside by turning into Big Chill. Unfortunately, Gwen becomes worried about the possibility that Ben might not be wearing his protective suit when he turns back. And if he's not, he only has ten minutes unless he turns into something else first.

Ultimate Echo Echo's debut

The Necrofriggian leader becomes fascinated at Ben's form as "one of them", but blows it after mentioning taking an artifact. This angers the other Necrofiggians and they attack. Gwen holds her ground just fine, as her spells work just fine against Necrofriggians, but Kevin can't use his powers while wearing his suit. Big Chill proves to be too weak since intangibility is useless against another intangible creature, so Ben transforms into Echo Echo, and later transforms into Ultimate Echo Echo. They manage to get inside the temple and the Necrofriggians leave them, as the leader tells them they won't last long against the temple's booby traps without a guide. Once inside, Gwen becomes worried that Ben has even less time before changing back now in his ultimate form, and insist they hurry. Gwen accidentally springs a trap and a giant spiked hammer comes and seemingly crushes them.

Gwen protecting herself and Kevin from liquid methane

Gwen was able to protect them with her powers and now Kevin's suit is destroyed, but he's able to survive due to quickly absorbing the stone on the hammer. The trio continue their search for the map through the temple with Gwen leading the way. Kevin springs another trap and the bridge opens up beneath them. He and Gwen fall into a pool of boiling green sludge (which could either be acid or liquid methane), but Ultimate Echo Echo manages to save them.

Once safe, they come to two corridors, and Gwen leads them into the corridor where a monstrous roar is emanating from. Ben accidentally knocks them down a slide that leads them into a room where they fight a giant slobbery two headed hydra-like monster (the left head blasts fire and right blasts ice). After defeating it with Kevin's concussive hammerfist and Ultimate Echo Echo's sonic discs, they go on ahead. In a corridor, Ben springs another trap and poison darts shoot out of the wall which Gwen protects everyone from with an energy shield. They finally reach the room containing the map piece. It's through a short hallway guarded by an enormous door that takes up most of it. Ben and Kevin lift the door, and Ben transforms into Four Arms when it proves to be too heavy. Together, they lift the door just enough for Gwen to go inside and collect the piece. However, upon entering she finds a poison dart stuck in her right arm she was struck with earlier and immediately passes out upon plucking it. With Ben and Kevin trapped holding the door up, Ben realizes that he could change back any minute. Things go from bad to worse when Aggregor arrives. He reveals he's been following the trio the whole time and let them go through the traps so he wouldn't have to do it himself. When Aggregor leaves with the first piece of the map, Ben thrusts the door up with all the strength he has so Kevin can get Gwen out from under it without being crushed alive. When Kevin saves Gwen, Ben drops the door, slamming it with a bang, and the boys race back to the ship.

They are able to escape the temple by Ben transforming into Cannonbolt and crashing through the walls. But once they reach the ship, Ben changes back to his human form and passes out from the unsustainable atmosphere. Kevin is able to get Ben and Gwen inside the ship and they take off. Kevin heals Gwen from her poisoned dart with the plumber's first aid kit's universal poison anti-serum. Ben survives too, only sustaining a sunburn on the right half of his face.

As Kevin and Gwen think they lost, Ben reminds them that this was only the first map piece. He vows to make Aggregor pay and fight for the next map piece.

Noteworthy Events

Major Events

  • Aggregor obtains the first part of the Map of Infinity.

Character Debuts

Ultimatrix Alien Debut

Minor Events

  • Azmuth mentions working on the new Omnitrix.
  • Max is forced to have his entire nervous system replaced.



Aliens Used

Spells Used

  • Eradico
  • Somnus



Aggregor: Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Is that the best you can do? Because I didn't feel a thing!
(Humungousaur reaches for Aggregor, but Aggregor shocks him, then punches him into a house)
Aggregor: I'm as invulnerable as Bivalvan's armor. Tennyson can't hurt me. Nothing can!
Gwen: Eratico! (Bubble appears around Aggregor) Huh la tha!
(Bubble disappears)
Aggregor: Did you know Galapagus's people can't be harmed by Mana?! (Shoots laser beams at Gwen)
Gwen: (Makes a Mana shield, which starts to crack)
Aggregor: (Smiles)
(Shield breaks, blast hits Gwen)
Kevin: Gwen!
Max: She's okay, which is more than I can say for Aggregor!

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Azmuth: His eventual goal is why I am here... (looks at the Ultimatrix) Let me see that! (Ben lower down and shows Azmuth the Ultimatrix) Pathetic workmanship! And an evolutionary function? Begging for trouble.

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Ben: New Omnitrix? Gimme, I'll kick Aggregor's butt!
Azmuth: No, it's not completely ready and clearly neither are you.

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Kevin: Burn!!
Gwen: Not now, Kevin.
Kevin: Oh, c'mon! That was classic! (imitates Azmuth) "Likely not ever!" Hahahahaha!

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Kevin: This ain't gonna work, our space suits will fail instantly on the hot side of the planet, and they're maybe good for maybe an hour on the cold side.
Gwen: (Looking at Ben) What are you looking at?
Ben: This is a Plumber suit right? I was just making sure my butt crack wasn't showing.

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Kevin: (about the Necrofriggians) Let me talk to 'em.
Ben: Maybe you should leave the diplomacy to Gwen.
Kevin: I'm better at it than you are.
Ben: A lot of room between "that" and "good".

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Kevin: I was thinking, instead of Ultimate Echo Echo, shouldn't your name be "Ultimate Echo Ultimate Echo"?

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Ultimate Echo Echo: Oh yeah, magic up the thing... or whatever you call it.

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Ultimate Echo Echo: I didn't know you could armor up that fast!
Kevin: Well, you know, with the right incentive...

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Kevin: Aggregor got the map, we lost.
Ben: We didn't lose, we live to fight another day, and Aggregor had better watch his step, cause that day's coming soon.

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Naming and Translations

Language Name Origin
Hungarian A Végtelenség Térképe The Map of Infinity
Polish Mapa Nieskończoności Infinity Map
Portuguese (Br) Mapa do Infinito Map of Infinity
Romanian Harta Infinitului The Map of Infinity
Spanish (HA) Mapa Del Infinito Map of Infinity
Spanish (Spain) El Mapa del Infinito The Map of Infinity


Voice Actor Role(s)
Yuri Lowenthal Ben Tennyson
Necrofriggian #3
Ashley Johnson Gwen Tennyson
Greg Cipes Kevin Levin
Dee Bradley Baker Big Chill
Ultimate Big Chill
Echo Echo
Ultimate Echo Echo
Four Arms
Paul Eiding Max Tennyson
John DiMaggio Aggregor
Necrofriggian #2
Jeff Bennett Azmuth
Necrofriggian #1


  • When Humungousaur first charges Ultimate Aggregor, Aggregor is down in one shot and standing in the next.
  • In many scenes, Humungousaur doesn't have black lips.
  • When Aggregor blasts Gwen, she doesn't have a face.
  • When Ben, Gwen, and Kevin start walking after disembarking the Rust Bucket 3, there is a layering issue, and Gwen's hand passes over Ben's head as she walks in front of him.
  • The Necrofriggians suddenly appear on the bridge.
  • When Ben transforms into Big Chill, the Ultimatrix's colors are reversed.
  • When Big Chill talks to Gwen, the rim of his Ultimatrix symbol is white.
  • When Big Chill talks to one of the Necrofriggians, his Ultimatrix symbol is missing. This error ocurs again when he tackles one of them.
  • When Ben first turns into Ultimate Echo Echo, he grabs his shoulder disks. Yet, after he takes them off, the right shoulder disk is still there, then in the next scene, it's gone. His fingers also turn blue during this scene.
  • When Ultimate Echo Echo attacks the first Necrofriggian, he disappears for a split second.
  • When Ultimate Echo Echo attacks the second Necrofriggian, his left eye misses its stripe.
  • In most of his scenes, Ultimate Echo Echo either has a blue bar or doesn't have the circle symbols on his back. The blue bar error would appear in other of his episodes as well.
  • When Ultimate Echo Echo is hovering above the acid, his fingers are blue.
  • When Four Arms backs away from the door when he releases it, he takes a small step, but in the next scene he is much further away from the door. He could not have moved that fast when the door closed.
  • In one scene, Four Arms is missing a finger on each hand.
  • Ben's jacket stripes appear on the wrong side in one scene.
  • Ben was burnt on the right side of his face; yet, when he's lying on the ramp, his right side is facing the icy half of the planet.


  • This was called the 10/10/10 event because of its airdate.


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