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Mana (alternatively spelled as Manna)[DM 1][DM 2][DM 3] is the supernatural substance that is the essence of magic and life itself. Theoretically, any sapient species can potentially learn to manipulate mana through study and practice.[DM 1] While anyone can learn to harness mana, Anodites, a race of "energy beings", are entirely comprised of mana and thus have a strong innate capacity for manipulating it.

According to Charmcaster, all the mana in the universe flows from Ledgerdomain.[1][2]

Known Uses


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The magic constantly utilized by both fifteen-year-old Charmcaster and ten-year-old Gwen in the original series is actually derived from mana and that skilled humans like Charmcaster are capable of harnessing it. According to Gwen, what Charmcaster and Hex refer to as magic is powered by mana.[1]

A key distinction is that this form of mana manipulation relies on the casting of spells; a "spell" being the word used to signify the means employed to carry out a magical action. A spell can consist of a ritual action, a set of words, a verse, a gesture or any combination of these. Some spells may require celestial events (e.g. a full moon[3] or a solar eclipse)[4], and the use of talismans, potions and other ingredients to manipulate reality.

Energy Projection

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Mana can be used in its raw form - as pure energy - for a variety of effects. Mana can be projected as a concussive force as well as heat[5][6], light[7][8], and even electricity[9]; whether mana can be projected as other forms of electromagnetic energy is unknown. Mana can also be used to create energy constructs such as shields, domes, platforms or stepping-stones. Mana constructs are airtight, seen when Gwen used a mana bubble to deprive Rath of air[10] and when she used a mana bubble to put out a fire.[11] Constructs made out of mana seem to have similar properties to either glass or what appears to be metal. Experienced users seem to be able to vary the tensile strength of their mana shields to some extent, rendering it soft and yielding enough to cushion their fall from a great height.[12] Mana constructs can be summoned by any part of the user's body (e.g. arms, legs, and feet).[8][13]

Aura Reading and Dowsing

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By reading another's aura, one can discern certain information surrounding said individual (e.g. their emotional state, intentions, truthfulness and illness).[14] Dowsing is a related technique for tracking organic life through objects they have touched via their mana energy signature and finding out what he or she is doing at the time. According to Gwen, this form of tracking doesn't work well in an area with few living things and too many machines.[5]

Limited Reality Warping

Altering reality is probably the most extreme display of power derived from mana, and this has only ever been shown by Verdona. She was seen fixing a broken glass at Gwen's house, creating strong duct tape around Ben's mouth, conjuring/dissipating a disco ball, and repairing Gwen's home when it was damaged during their fight with a mere snap of her fingers. The latter also shifted Ben and Kevin back to their conventional forms.[15]

Known Users


  • The word "mana" is derived from "manna", a food that fell from the sky in the Bible, keeping the Hebrews alive, in much the same way as mana is a life force for all beings.
  • "Mana" also refers to the spiritual life force energy or healing power that permeates the universe in Melanesian and Polynesian culture. The term also means energy or power in the sense of authority in Te Reo Māori.


  • Mana is a very high-quality energy.[16]
  • Mana is multidimensional.[17]
  • While one doesn't necessarily need mana to live, if they live they produce mana.[DM 2]
  • Life energy is a subset of mana.[DM 4]
  • There are other mana users on Earth than the ones who are known.[DM 5]
  • Anodites, a race of "energy beings", are entirely comprised of mana and can freely manipulate it to their every whim. Humans and Geochelone Aerios can be taught to manipulate mana to a lesser degree than Anodites.
    • Absorbing an Anodite's powers doesn't mean one is capable of manipulating mana in all its forms, meaning that mana is a power that one needs to study.
  • Geochelone Aerios can't be harmed by mana, and additionally can learn to use it faster than some other species.[18]
  • Ectonurites are the only known species who do not have mana present in them.[2]
  • Verdona made mention of a mana field and, aside from it being used as a method for communication, very little is known about it.
    • Gwen made mention of a seemingly similar "energy field".[19]
  • According to Verdona, most of her corporeal descendants did not inherit "the spark", the catalyst that allows for the innate ability to control and manipulate mana.[15]
  • Celestialsapiens can't manipulate mana directly. They would have to alter the universe to change the nature of mana first.[MW 1]
  • Mana in its purest form is pink.[DM 3] However, there have been a few exceptions:
    • Due to not manipulating it directly and being badly trained, Gwen's mana was blue in the original series.[DM 6]
    • Since she was a better magician than Gwen in their youth, Charmcaster's magic was more pure (i.e. her mana was pink/purple).
    • Hex's own evil adds impurities to the mana he manipulates, hence he doesn't manipulate "pure" mana.


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