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I have dreamed for millennia of this moment! An entire universe in my image![1]

Maltruant is a rogue Chronosapien and the overarching antagonist of the entire Ben 10 franchise, specifically being the main antagonist for the final two arcs of Ben 10: Omniverse. He is also the mastermind behind the Time War.


Maltruant has the appearance of a Chronosapien. His body is black, the glass on his chest is red, and his hands have large, red cannons. He has metallic eyebrows, red eyes, and his mouth is a red grillplate.


Maltruant is extremely power-hungry and desires nothing but to rule time itself. He likes to tamper with the fabric of time and brags about it.

He is also highly dangerous, sadistic, and cruel; displaying a tendency to brutally toy with his opponents in battle. He is shown to use his time powers to turn their own attacks on them and to increase the odds in his favor, with malicious creativity; and once he no longer needed Dr. Psychobos, Maltruant intended to twist Psychobos' promised payment on him for no reason, by attempting to permanently regress Psycobos' age to that of an infant as "the ultimate treasure" of "eternal youth".

Maltruant can grow very arrogant and cocky in battle when he's confident that his victory is at hand and all but secured, although he admits to himself that he has a big mouth when he finds that he's gloated too soon. Maltruant is so egomaniacal that when he met the Contumelia (who are always visualized as who or what holds the most influence over one's heart), he saw them as alternate versions of himself, showing how big his ego can be and how he thinks only of himself.

In his plans and schemes, Maltruant often partially relies on henchmen, in the form of recruits, agents, partnerships, mercenaries and his army in order to help him advance on to the next stage of his plan and get closer to his endgame. He disapproves of and openly berates failure or incompetence from his aforementioned henchmen, and he has a nasty habit of double-crossing and abandoning his allies the moment they have served their purpose and ceased to be of further use to him.



Maltruant is the mastermind behind the Time War, as he caused his own kind to go rogue[DJW 2] and is bent on ruling all of time and existence.[2][3]

Maltruant was defeated before the universe began, at the beginning of time itself. Paradox took him apart and hid his incapacitated individual parts throughout space and time where his followers could not find him. However, Maltruant would slowly "pull himself back together" over time, eventually reforming the majority of his body.

At some point, Maltruant pressured a rogue Celestialsapien to wipe out the Galvan race after the Negatrix was created in Nega Ben's timeline.[DJW 3]


Maltruant was first mentioned by Ben 10,000 in Ben Again when his temporal beasts went on a cross-dimensional rampage.

In Fight at the Museum, he sent Subdora and Exo-Skull to steal the "Key to Time" for him, and they succeeded in their mission.

In It's a Mad, Mad, Mad Ben World: Part 1, he sought to repair himself and become whole again, seeking to regain control of the time streams. He hired Dr. Psychobos to help, knowing Azmuth would never assist him in any dimension. After successfully being restored, Maltruant turned on Psychobos, easily defeated Ben Prime and Ben 23, and left Mad Ben's dimension with his minions to restart the Time War, leaving Mad Ben to deal with his alternate counterparts and Psychobos.

In Let's Do the Time War Again, Maltruant was shortly seen in a pocket dimension where Eon gave him two Time Beast eggs and declared that he would win the Time War before it would even begin.

In The Secret of Dos Santos, Maltruant created portals for Subdora to retrieve Exo-Skull and one of his components.

In The End of an Era, Maltruant came to Ben 10,000's timeline to steal the Annihilargh and the Dwarf Star so he could create a more deadly weapon.

In A New Dawn, Maltruant travelled back in time and, due to Ben and Rook's interference, stopped in 1773 where he bartered transport repairs from Vilgax in exchange for a Chronosapien Time Bomb. He then travelled back to the very beginning of the universe and snuck aboard the Contumelia's ship, where he switched their Annihilargh with his own in order to recreate the universe in his image. He was eventually defeated and his components were scattered across time and space by Professor Paradox, thus enclosing himself in a never-ending time loop of being defeated, rebuilding himself, and being defeated again without knowing it.

Powers and Abilities

Like Clockwork, Maltruant is able to manipulate time, halting it, slowing it down or speeding it up. By rapidly shifting through time, Maltruant can appear to be in multiple places at once. He also possesses dimension travelling abilities and chronopathy. He is capable of de-aging people into children.

Maltruant's powers are considerably greater than Clockwork's. Even while Clockwork was merged with Techno-Bubble, Maltruant was able to overpower him during a time blast clash.

Maltruant can stop the personal time of a selected target, and release time shockwaves.

Maltruant was able to dowse and locate the Dwarf Star with his mind.[4]

Maltruant is an expert on alternate dimensions, as shown when he recognized Ben 23 as being from Dimension 23 without any prior introduction.

Thanks to his augmentations consisting of stolen clockworks, cosmic powers, and significantly advanced science, Maltruant is stronger than a normal Chronosapien.[DJW 1]

Even without his time powers, Maltruant has enhanced strength and durability, which allowed him to easily overpower and leave Rook with a bruised face while thrashing and manhandling him.[1]

Maltruant can survive in the vacuum of space. Furthermore, Maltruant can breathe underwater, as demonstrated when he was unconscious in a river, he had no trouble breathing after waking up.


Maltruant's time powers won't work in places where there is no time, such as before the beginning of the universe or in a timeless void.

Maltruant's dowsing powers can be sensed by Anodites.

While he is very physically powerful compared to species such as humans and Revonnahganders, he is still physically weaker than other species. Technically speaking, he is physically weaker than Sir Tok-Tic the Persistently Unpunctual.[DJW 4]

Maltruant can be magnetized due to having metallic casing and some innards.[DJW 5]

Depending on the time, Maltruant can be scared by Toepick's face.[DJW 6]

Like all other Chronosapiens, Maltruant is vulnerable to having his body dismantled by a Planchaküle.[DJW 7]



Season 7

Season 8

Naming and Translations

Language Name Origin
Polish Maltruant From the original English name
Portuguese (Br) Maltruant From the original English name
Romanian Maltruant From the original English name
Russian Мальтруант From the original English name
Spanish (HA) Maltruant From the original English name; pronounced /mal'truɛnt/ (Ben Again) and /mal'truant/


  • Matt Youngberg came up with the idea of Maltruant.[DJW 8]
  • Maltruant is the final villain in the Classic Continuity.
  • Maltruant's goal is very similar to another time-travelling supervillain, Time Trapper from DC Comics. As both villains want to destroy the current universe and remake it in their own image.


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