The Main Timeline is the core timeline around which a given Ben 10 continuity focuses on. There will often be branching timelines or dimensions that exist parallel to the Main Timelines in which events transpire differently, each usually having their own native Omnitrix-wielding hero.

Please note: The Reboot Timeline is NOT considered an alternate timeline to the Classic Timeline. For all intents and purposes, they exist in two completely separate multiverses until proven otherwise. They do, however, canonically co-exist within the greater Cartoon Network Multiverse through a shared connection to Rex Salazar from Generator Rex.

Main Timelines

  • Classic Timeline - The timeline around which the 2006 Ben 10 series, all of its sequels, and all of its movies revolve. Most contemporary media also took place in the original timeline, regardless of canon. Known to as the Prime Timeline in-universe.
  • Reboot Timeline - The timeline within which the 2016 Ben 10 series takes place.

Alternate Timelines and Dimensions


The Future

Given that the future changed every time it was shown, the future as presented in canon is here considered to be an 'alternate' timeline to what would actually transpire. For sake of argument, each series' future is here presented as a unique timeline.


What-If? timelines are non-canon alternate timelines explored within episodes of the Original Series.


The only alternate timelines currently shown in the reboot are aborted timelines explored in Ben Again and Again. They include:



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