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Now, just you wait! I'm jaws of fury itchin' to chomp me some titanium skull!

– Patelliday to a Mechaneer.[1]

Magister Patelliday is a Piscciss Volann Plumber. He is the second-in-command of the Plumbers of Earth.[DJW 3]


In Ultimate Alien, like his fellow Piscciss Volann, he had grey skin, purple eyes, and a lure on his head and gills. But unlike fellow Piscciss Volann, he had three fingers in each hand, black eyebrows and neat teeth. He wore glasses and a Plumber Suit, but without pants.

In Omniverse, he had yellowish-grey skin, differently shaped eyes, green eyebrows, sharp teeth, he is taller and his face is more pointed. He also wore a different Plumber suit.

Future Patelliday resembles his younger self's appearance except he has wrinkles on his face. He now wears a stitched up blue cap with a brown scarf and tan shirt. His lure now looks shriveled, and curls in on itself.


Patelliday is very over-the-top and kooky, He is constantly shouting and freaking out. He will not hesitate to fight, or as he says, serve "FISH KNUCKLES FOR LUNCH!"



Patelliday was formerly a deputy in a back water town on Piscciss.[DJW 4] Early on in his life, he was less confident, more fussy and anxious, and kept getting dragged into adventures where he was in over his head.[DJW 5]

Ultimate Alien[]

Magister Patelliday first appeared in the The Mother of All Vreedles when the Plumbers took Ma Vreedle to prison.


As of Omniverse, he is the second-in-command of the Earth Plumber Headquarters.

He made cameos in The More Things Change: Part 1, Part 2 and in So Long, and Thanks for All the Smoothies.

In Gone Fishin' he was fishing with Max, Ben and Rook in Undertown at the Spaceman's Wharf. After Ben couldn't catch anything he turned into Ripjaws and dived into the water with Patelliday. While they were swimming underwater, Patelliday snapped at a Mechaneer which was covered by fishes. The Mechaneers took him and Ben couldn't save him because the Omnitrix timed out. The Mechaneers took him to a pirate who refused to eat him fresh. They then took him to the kitchen. Patelliday eventually freed himself and with the help of Ben's team they arrested the pirate.

He made cameos in Tummy Trouble and in The Frogs of War: Part 1.

In The Frogs of War: Part 2, after the Incursean invasion, he was taken into custody just like every other Plumber (with the exception of Blukic). He was locked into the same cell as Driba, who gave him his water after he got severely dehydrated. He was rescued by Rook, Kevin, Gwen and Bullfrag. After he got supplied, he joined Rook to defeat Psychobos.

In O Mother, Where Art Thou?, he called Ben and Rook to the Plumbers’ base after Ma Vreedle started a rampage there. Patelliday told Ma that they don’t have the Pretty Boy that she is looking for. Ma then reports the missing of her child and threatens the Plumbers that if they don’t find him she will blow up the sun. Patelliday told her not to worry and put a tracker to her back. He followed Ma in the sewers and told Ben her location.

In Mud is Thicker Than Water, he and Ben chased Sweet-Eels Sparklefunk, Liam and Tummyhead who were at the possession of top secret Plumber Tech. He knocked over Sweet-Eels, while Ben defeated Tummyhead but they couldn't get Liam (who later revealed to be Lucy). Later, when they arrived Psyphon’s hideout, Patelliday shot Bug-Lite. Lucy told him that Gorvan was the spy, so he commanded the Plumbers to find Gorvan.

In A Fistful of Brains, Patelliday told Max and Rook a location where they picked up the sign of Ben’s DNA. However, it was later revealed to be Albedo's DNA.

In Max's Monster, after Phil left the HQ’s power core, Patelliday commanded the Plumbers to repair it. Later, he was in the Proto-TRUK with Max bringing the Null Void Projector.

In Animo Crackers, Patelliday got annoyed by Ben who was eating and drinking loud while they tried to work. He then told Ben not to mess around with the monitors. Suddenly, Rook appeared and accidentally scared Patelliday. Later, he, Rook and Upgrade failed to stop Animo from escaping.

In Catfight, he was watching Bullfrag and Attea fight at the Plumbers’ Base.

In The Rooters of All Evil, Servantis used his mind powers on Patelliday. Later, Patelliday battled Phil.

In Universe vs. Tennyson, Patelliday tells Ben that they have to let Chadzmuth do his job.

In Weapon XI: Part 2, Patelliday along with Max and the Magistrata entered the Null Void to revoke the Rooters' status and confiscate their base.

In Clyde 5, Patelliday was dehydrated after Vera Tennyson turned the thermostat up in the HQ.


He was seen moving around in his floating aquatic hoverchair at the celebration for Max's retirement, in The End of an Era. Patelliday is retired and scoots around in his chair.

Powers and Abilities[]

Like Magister Pyke, Patelliday possesses extraordinary skills in martial artistry and agile swimming, underwater breathing abilities, sharp claws and teeth, and legs that can shift to make a fish tail and back.

Patelliday's teeth are strong enough to crack metal.

Patelliday is strong enough to break a robot's arm.

Patelliday is very intelligent and can use weapons.


Same as any Piscciss Volann, he cannot breathe oxygen air for extended periods without any water. However, it is very likely that his Plumber Suit allows him to survive on land while keeping him hydrated.


Ultimate Alien[]

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  • Patelliday's Plumber suit circulates water to his body and keeps him moist so that he will not be dehydrated and weakened without it.[DJW 6]
  • Magister Patelliday was the first alien Phil saw in the Plumbers' Base on Earth.
  • Patelliday has met Magister Pyke at least once.[DJW 4]
  • It was Derrick J. Wyatt's idea to give Patelliday a bigger role in Omniverse, because he likes him and he happened to fit in well with the idea of having a larger Plumber presence on Earth.[DJW 7][DJW 8]
  • Patelliday was designed by Derrick in both Ultimate Alien and Omniverse.[DJW 9]
  • Patelliday's voice is a homage to comedian Don Knotts, who starred in the film The Incredible Mr. Limpet as a man who becomes a fish.
    • Patelliday even looks a bit like the film title character in fish-form.
    • As the second-in-command of a law-enforcement organization, Patelliday is also an homage to Don Knott's character of Barney Fife, from The Andy Griffith Show.[MW 1]
    • His girlfriend, Appida Lou is a play on Thelma Lou, who is Barney Fife's girlfriend in the Andy Griffith Show.


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