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The Magg-O-Net Monster is a villain that appeared in The Filth.


Being made of maggots, the Magg-O-Net Monster is apricot colored and has a glowing red magnet on its chest with a circle above the magnet. The Magg-O-Net Monster has four big arms from the side of its chest, and two smaller arms coming from the front of its chest. The inside of its mouth is red, and it has brown eyes and light-brown eyeballs.

Powers and Abilities

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If the magnet inside of the Magg-O-Net Monster gets out of the Magg-O-Net Monster, the monster will fall apart into maggots.


Maurice created the Magg-O-Net Monster with the Magg-O-Net and maggots. Maurice wanted the Magg-O-Net Monster to eat everything except money, but Four Arms destroyed the remote, making the Magg-O-Net Monster go out of control. Four Arms defeated the monster by throwing the Rustbucket at the Magg-O-Net, making the maggots fall apart.


Ben 10

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