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Madcow is an Alpha mutant created by Dr. Animo. She first appeared in Animo Farm.


Madcow is a white cow with brown spots. Her tummy and mouth are pink. She also has a little beard, grey hooves and horns, and yellow eyes. She has silver pads on her shoulders, grey armor and mechanical teats.


Although she was modified by Dr. Animo, she still retains traits of normal cows, such as bellowing. She isn't friendly and just like the other Alphas, she likes to boss around the Accidentals.

Powers and Abilities

Madcow can walk on two legs and talk. She has radar vision that she can use to locate targets even if they are hidden. She has an electric generator that powers her mechanical teats, and she can use them to shock enemies.


Her arms are too short to cover her back, leaving her generator unprotected. If her generator gets damaged, she gets electrocuted.


Along with the other Alphas, she was forcing the Accidentals and Stinkfly to do work on the farm. When the Accidentals escaped the prison, the Alphas and the Accidentals fought. Madcow fought with Goatadactyl. When they fought, Madcow used her mechanical teats in attempt to electrocute Goatadactyl, but he dodged her mechanical teats and bit her electric generator, causing Madcow to get electrocuted. Later, Madcow and the other Alphas were put in prison on the Farm by the Accidentals and Stinkfly.

In Animorphosis she was mind-controlled by Vilgax. She fought Omni-Enhanced Stinkfly and was later turned against Animo.


Ben 10

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Season 2


His name is a reference to Mad Cow Disease.

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