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Mad Ben's Dimension is a post-apocalyptic version of the Main Dimension. A piece of Maltruant was hidden and buried in this dimension.


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In this dimension, everyone is desperate for resources like food, fuel and especially water.[DJW 1][DJW 2][DJW 3]

Notable Inhabitants

Civilians in this Dimension

Notable Visitors



Season 7


  • Some masked inhabitants of Mad Ben's Dimension look like the character Lord Humungus from the movie series Mad Max.
  • As seen from amongst the ruins that are Benwood, Mr. Smoothy in this dimension possesses the new mascot that it has in the prime universe after it was destroyed by the Annihilargh and imperfectly recreated by Alien X; unlike in the No Watch Timeline where Mr. Smoothy has its original mascot and logo.
  • This dimension's version of Max is missing.[DJW 4] Furthermore, it is unknown if this dimension has counterparts of Gwen and Kevin.[DJW 5]


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