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Ma Vreedle is wanted in 12 systems. Banned from 27 more. Rumor has it, she once made Vilgax cry.

Magister Patelliday whispering to Rook about how dangerous Ma Vreedle is.[1]

Ma Vreedle is the mother of Octagon Vreedle, Rhomboid Vreedle and Pretty Boy Vreedles. She is one of the most threatening criminals in the galaxy.


In Ultimate Alien, Ma Vreedle looked like a very plump female Vreedle (even fatter than Rhomboid), had short blonde hair and wore a pink dress and white gloves.

In Omniverse, Ma Vreedle retains her short blonde hair and is still very fat. Now, she wears a red hat and a long yellow dress with a red jacket.


Ma Vreedle is far more dangerous than her cloned sons, being more intelligent than Octagon and more violent than Rhomboid. Despite this, she is quite light-hearted.

Despite being a greatly feared criminal, Ma Vreedle has a powerful maternal instinct and desires greatly to be a mother. However, her maternal feelings do not extend to her eldest sons since they were made from a bad batch of cloning material, and she shows high favoritism towards her perfect Pretty Boy clones since they were properly made. She doesn't express pride in Octagon or Rhomboid, near all communication with them is barking orders, and after a while she decides she doesn't need them anymore and tries to outright kill them.

Ma Vreedle views her actions as justifiable when she was trying to kill six billion humans as she was creating 3 to 400 billion Vreedles.

Nonetheless, Ma Vreedle doesn't think it's right to put other mothers through the same burdens she has to go through.



Ma Vreedle was made in a lab by extremely substandard scientists.[DJW 1] She met Pa Vreedle in the same lab after he was cloned from her.[DJW 2]

Ultimate Alien

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Powers and Abilities

Ma Vreedle has enhanced strength, as she can easily break out of an ice block, and can be quite brutal and powerful when forced to fight. She can also run very fast despite her large stature.

Ma Vreedle's ferocity and brutality allows her to even take on the entire staff of Plumber's HQ singlehandedly.

Ma Vreedle can use many different ranged weapons in combat, much like her son Octagon.

As mentioned above, Ma Vreedle is very intelligent, and is also a skilled inventor, as she once built a machine to create clones of Pretty Boy Vreedle.

Like other Vreedles, Ma Vreedle can survive in space without much difficulty.

Ma Vreedle is not afraid of Toepick, because she has seen worse.[DJW 3]

Ma Vreedle can produce ensnaring bandage tentacles which she refers to as her "apron strings"[2] from her body.

Ma Vreedle has two eyes on the back of her head, giving her 360-degree vision.


Ma Vreedle's only real weakness is her maternal instinct toward Pretty Boy and its clones. As such, Sandra was able to convince Ma Vreedle not to blow up the Earth, by comparing her relationship with her own son. Seeing how much she loved her own son, Ma Vreedle backed down and the planet's destruction was averted.

Despite being able to create high tech weaponry and cloning machines, she tends to act without thinking on multiple occasions.

Much like her sons, Ma Vreedle can be distracted by bubble wrap.[3]

The only thing Ma Vreedle fears is something happening to her children,[DJW 4] particularly her Pretty Boys.


Ultimate Alien

Season 3


Season 4

Season 7

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  • Vilgax and Zs'Skayr both greatly fear Ma Vreedle. She once made each of them cry, which was quite surprising in Zs'Skayr's case since he has no tear ducts.[DJW 5]
  • Ma Vreedle is wanted in 12 systems and has been banned in 27 others.[4][1]
  • Ma Vreedle keeps Granny Vreedle's rocking chair with her, hoping old Granny will one day either be released or escape from prison.[DJW 6]
  • Ma Vreedle is one of the very few opponents that Ben Tennyson hasn't beaten in direct combat.
  • Ma Vreedle was inspired by Ma Barker, Ma Parker, and Ma Beagle.[DJW 7]


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