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– Lucy's catchphrase.

Lucy Mann is a Lenopan Plumber and Camille's cousin.


Human Form[]

In the Original Series, Lucy had long blonde hair with blue eyes. She wore a black sleeveless shirt with a star on it, along with a red skirt. She also had two distinct whisker marks on either side of her face.

When performing as the flower girl, Lucy wore a green dress with a pink rose in her hair.

In the Omniverse flashbacks, Lucy's skin is pinker, the whisker-like marks on her face are gone, with freckles taking their place. Her eyes have changed color, becoming pinkish purple. She also wears a red hairband.

As a teenager, Lucy wears a black sleeved dress with a red collar, a star on the chest area, white socks that go over her knees, red shoes and red lipstick. She wears her hair in a ponytail.

In Mud is Thicker Than Water, Young Lucy wore Gwen's favorite shirt over her black sleeveless shirt.

Lenopan Form[]

Lucy has two different Lenopan forms: her more natural one, lacking legs, with larger head tendrils, and less human facial features, and her humanoid form, which is smaller, has legs, and a more human like face with mud flowing around her head, resembling hair.

Her young humanoid Lenopan form looks exactly like her teen self, except she's smaller.


Psych! [Giggles, Snorts] Pffft! Gwen! Are you surprised to see me?
Cousin Lucy? What are you doing here?!
I’m visiting for a couple months. But don’t worry. I promise I won’t get mud on anything.
I… see you’re wearing my favorite shirt. And using my favorite hairbrush!

– Gwen and Lucy.[1]

Lucy is a very upbeat, mischievous and happy-go-lucky girl, who loves playing pranks on people. Her catchphrase is "Psyche!" She especially enjoys teasing her cousin Gwen, much to her other cousin Ben's amusement.[2]

Lucy is quite competent, as she managed to get through Plumbers' Training Academy in a relatively short amount of time.[2]

Lucy likes pottery, and anything having to do with mud or clay.[DJW 1]


Ben 10[]

Lucy first appeared in Big Fat Alien Wedding, where she came to Camille's wedding to perform as the flower girl. She was first seen at the wedding rehearsal where she talked about how thrilled she was about being the flower girl and dancing with Ben, although he didn't share her enthusiasm. At the wedding, she was forced to flee with most of the guests when Mr. and Mrs. Mann and their bodyguard attacked, but later returned with Camille's bridesmaids once the battle was over to accompany her cousin and Joel as they finally got married and danced with Ben. He ended up tripping with mud since she had partially turned back into her Lenopan form. Gwen took a picture of the incident while Lucy seemed very amused about the whole thing.

Five Years Prior to Omniverse[]

In Mud is Thicker Than Water, Lucy revealed to Gwen that she would be staying at her house for a few months. Gwen got mad when she saw Lucy wearing her favorite shirt and using her hairbrush. Lucy asked Gwen what Kevin is like, and she responded saying he's the worst since he's so tough and bad. Lucy believed Gwen liked Kevin and started to tease her, but she denied it.

In From Hedorium to Eternity, Lucy was at Ben's house along with Ben and Gwen. Lucy. along with Ben, Gwen, Cooper, and Jonesy teamed up with Kevin underground. Lucy helps to defeat Zs'Skayr. Lucy teased Gwen about liking Kevin which caused Gwen to chase her.


Lucy returned in Mud is Thicker Than Water, where she was brought in by the Plumbers to pose as Liam to find out who the mole in Plumber HQ was. Gwen was convinced that Lucy herself was the mole (due to her feelings towards Lucy from when they were kids), but Ben defended her asking Gwen if Lucy is truly capable of such actions and that "Cousin Lucy is awesome". The Plumbers attempted to bait Psyphon's gang into coming out into the open by transporting a fake Annihilarrgh (the real one was revealed to have been rebuilt by Blukic and Driba). Gwen truly believed that Lucy was the spy and that she was behind the sabotage at the base, until Lucy revealed herself to be the spy in Psyphon's gang (while revealing her Lenopan form in the process).

Working together, Ben (as Crashhopper), Gwen (in her Anodite form), and Lucy (in her humanoid Lenopan form) battled Psyphon and his gang. Lucy impersonated Vilgax and terrified Psyphon before tripping him with some of her sludge and leaving Crashhopper to defeat him. Gwen then apologized for suspecting that Lucy was the traitor, Lucy forgave her on the basis that they are family and promises to return the favor when she was promoted to commanding officer. Gwen laughed at the prospect of this, but quickly became serious and worried when she realized that Lucy was possibly not joking. Lucy walked off and laughed while Gwen nervously chased after her.

Powers and Abilities[]

Being a Lenopan, Lucy has the same powers as her species, most notably her shapeshifting and voice mimicking abilities, which she has used to mimic Max;[2] Eye Guy; Kevin;[3] Ben; and Vilgax.[2]


Being a Lenopan, Lucy has the same weaknesses as her species.


Ben 10[]

Season 4[]


Season 4[]

Season 8[]


  • Due to her age, Lucy was never involved with the Plumbers/Lenopan feud and appears to have no problem with Joel and Camille's marriage.
  • Whenever Lucy laughs, she tends to snort.
  • Lucy is the first ever Lenopan to be a Plumber.[4][2]
  • No matter how big or small she makes herself, Lucy will still retain her normal Lenopan strength.[DJW 2]
  • Lucy's eyes went from being blue to purple because she modeled her human look after Elizabeth Taylor, whose eyes were either blue or violet, depending on the light.[MW 1]


Derrick J. Wyatt[]

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Matt Wayne[]

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