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Welcome to Los Soledad - abandoned top secret research lab and gateway to nowhere.

Kevin to Ra'ad.[1]

Los Soledad, making its first appearance in Paradox, is an abandoned town located in the desert outside of Bellwood.


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Los Soledad was originally a military base back in the 1950s.[2][3] It was built on that site for the large subterranean deposits of crystal quartz, for the convenience of a military time-travel experiment, codenamed "Project Paradox". This experiment's head scientist theorized, after discovering unique properties in crystal quartz, that it could act as an access way to past and future events.

Alien Force[]

PX (194)

The Library

After the apparent failure of the experiment, the base was abandoned, its thick stone walls restricting access to the ghost town within. In present times, young hooligans, (such as Kevin) came to the town outskirts in order to drag race and graffiti the town's stone walls.

The Highbreed located their operation to the same site for the large deposits of crystal quartz. It also became the site of the resistance lead by Ben and his extended team during the events of War of the Worlds.

Ultimate Alien[]

UA (277)

Shelter Homes

Los Soladad's current condition in Ultimate Alien is the same as it was in Alien Force. Ben uses it as a base for dealing with aliens.

In Fused, Ben, Gwen, and Kevin trapped Ra'ad there while they interrogated him on why he attacked Ben.

In Map of Infinity, most of the base was destroyed when Ben battled Ultimate Aggregor.

In Absolute Power: Part 2, Los Soledad is the site where Ultimate Echo Echo battles and defeats Ultimate Kevin.


In And Then There Were None and And Then There Was Ben, the fight between the good and evil Omnitrix users takes place in the No Watch Timeline's Los Soledad.

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"Los Soledad" follows the naming conventions of American towns/cities near the Mexico border having Spanish names starting with Los ("Los Angeles"; "Los Alamos"). 'Soledad' in particular means 'loneliness/solitude' in Spanish.

However, the name is written incorrectly, as 'Los' is a plural masculine article that conflicts with 'Soledad' being a singular feminine noun. The grammatically correct version would "La Soledad" or "Las Soledades". Yet, the name could be grammatically correct if the base was named after a family with the surname Soledad.


  • Los Soledad is the place where Professor Paradox's time experiment occurred and where he was "unstuck" from time allowing him to exist outside of time, making him immortal.[3]
  • Whenever Professor Paradox time travels to a place, the fabric of space-time there becomes thinner and it is "paper-thin" at Los Soledad.[4][5]


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