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No magic. Just my natural magnetism....which isn't to say you're not every bit as attractive!

– Lodestar before defeating Urien.[1]

Lodestar is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Biot-savartian[2][3][merch 7][note 2] from an unknown planet.


Lodestar has a magnetically floating metal head surrounded by a glowing white aura and levitates in an arch between his shoulders. He has crab-like claws for hands (similar to Brainstorm's) and his body is mainly brownish-black with yellow feet, hands, shoulders, and chest. His body is also made of living alien metal.[DJW 1]

In Heroes United, the yellow parts of Lodestar's body are slightly darker, to be more fitting in Generator Rex's artstyle.

In Omniverse, Lodestar has a yellow eyebrow-like crest on his forehead, which looks similar to that of Jetray. His head is more skull-shaped with has lines beneath his mouth. The glowing aura around his head is recolored green, the yellow from his feet go up to his thighs, his shoulders are now larger, and the yellow stripes by his chest are shorter.

Lodestar wears the original Omnitrix/Ultimatrix/Omnitrix symbol on his chest.

Powers and Abilities[]

Metal - meet magnetism!

– Lodestar, before using his powers on Rex.[5]

Lodestar is able to project magnetic fields that are capable of overloading electrical circuits, attracting magnetic materials and ferromagnetic metals to himself. At full power, his magnetic pulse can affect machinery as far as half a mile.[merch 9] Lodestar's powers even work on mechanical beings like Evolved Sonorosians[6] and Chronosapiens.[DJW 2] Lodestar is also capable of using electromagnetism, as shown when Lodestar generated an electromagnetic force field around himself.[7]

Lodestar can use his magnetic fields to block solar energy attacks.[3]

Lodestar has telekinetic control over metal, allowing him to levitate and move it around without physical contact.[8] He can also use this "magno-telekinesis" to make himself levitate[9] and fly for short distances.[merch 9]

Lodestar can use his magnetism to damage and destroy any magnetic substance at will, as seen when he opened the Naljian Destructor and attempted to destroy it afterwards,[8] dismantled a Techadon robot,[10] and tore apart the Toltech Battle Armor.[1] He can also do this by converting his magnetic fields into kinetic energy, as shown when he made one of Computron's minions explode from afar.[11]

Lodestar is able to render other materials magnetic, such as when he caused the Toltech Battle Armor to attract benches, trash cans and even Kevin's car towards itself.[1]

If Lodestar gets destroyed by something, such as Aggregor's ship self-detonating, he can reconstitute by pulling his shattered pieces back together with his magnetism.[7]

Lodestar possesses enhanced strength, as he was able to briefly grapple with the Stalker but with some difficulty.[12] Furthermore, if an ally like Kevin absorbs metal, Lodestar can use his magnetism to throw said ally toward their enemies.[13][14]

Lodestar possesses enhanced durability, as he was able to withstand being hurt by the red troops' laser blasts,[15] being thrown through the walls of a house,[12] and the Red Knight's throwing stars.[16]

Lodestar can survive in the vacuum of space.[DJW 3]

Using the electromagnetic spectrum, Lodestar can see objects like on a radar screen.[merch 9]

Lodestar can act as a compass.[DJW 4]


Lodestar's magnetic fields are useless against non-magnetic objects, such as the Red Knight's throwing knives,[16] and the Stalker.[12] Additionally, Lodestar's magnetic fields can also be absorbed and redirected by certain substances, such as the Shock Staff.[17]

Lodestar's head is a very vulnerable target for his opponents due to it not being attached to his body. Lodestar's opponents can take advantage of this weakness in various ways, such as grabbing it, which will forcefully pull Lodestar's body alongside his head,[12] throwing objects at it, such as the Red Knight's throwing stars, which will cause his head to start spinning[16] or knocking it away with a magnetic field.[17]

Lodestar is weak against water, due to it having a rusting effect on his body.[note 3]


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Video Games[]

Lodestar in Rise Of Hex Ds

Lodestar in The Rise of Hex

Ben 10 Alien Force: The Rise of Hex[]

Being the main alien and the replacement for Alien X, Lodestar is a playable alien in the game.

Due to the Omnitrix shorting out after Ben fiddled with it, Lodestar was temporarily locked until the beginning of Level 7.

Lodestar is able to magnetically attract himself to metallic emblems embedded on the walls of the temple and catacombs underneath Bellwood. He can increase his altitude, move across considerable distances and slow his descent to avoid potential hazards.

Throughout the game, Lodestar strangely interacts with 15 mystic talismans. Because of this, he is the only alien form capable of defeating Hex, destroying all but one talisman to weaken the otherwise invincible foe. Lodestar uses the remaining talisman to trap Hex inside it.

Naming and Translations[]

Language Name Origin
Albanian Magneti Yjor From “magnet” (magnet) and “yj” (stars)
Bulgarian Полярна Звезда From полярна, polar and звезда star
Chinese 北极星 From 北极星 (Běi Jí Xīng), lodestar
Dutch Poolster From poolster, lodestar
French Aimantosaure From aimant, magnet and -saure, -saur
German Polarstern From polarstern, polar star
Greek Πολικός Αστέρας From πολικός αστέρας, lodestar
Hungarian Sarkcsillag From sark, polar and csillag, star
Italian Fulmiraggio From fulmiraggio, lightning ray
Norwegian Ledestjerne From ledestjerne, lodestar
Polish Polarny From polarny, polar
Portuguese (Br) Estrela Polar From estrela polar, polar star
Romanian Lodestar From the original English name
Russian Звезда From звезда, star
Spanish (HA) Lodestar From the original English name; pronounced /'lodstar/ (Ben 10: Alien Force and Night of the Living Nightmare), /'loʊdstar/ (Ben 10: Ultimate Alien), /'lodestar/ (Ultimate Aggregor and The Purge) or /lodes'tar/ (Cough It Up)
Spanish (Spain) Estrella Polar From estrella polar, pole star
Turkish Çoban Yıldızı Meaning Farmers Star, another name for the planet Venus in Turkish


A lodestar is a star used as a navigation reference, particularly a pole star, such as Polaris.

It is also etymologically connected to lodestone, a naturally magnetized piece of the mineral called magnetite.[DM 1]


  • Lodestar is the first alien used by 16-year-old Ben used on-screen in Omniverse.
  • In Alien Force and Ultimate Alien, Lodestar appeared to have a mouth, but with the exception of several errors, it never opened. However, in Omniverse, his mouth moves when he talks, much like Eatle.
  • Lodestar's magnetic pulses have changed color throughout his appearances:
    • In Simple, the pulses were white.
    • In his subsequent Alien Force appearances, they were green.
    • In Ultimate Alien, they were white again.
    • In Heroes United and Omniverse, they are green again.
  • In the code Nano section on the FusionFall website, a picture of Lodestar's head can be seen.
  • The Ben 10 reboot game Brains vs. Bugs has a magnet upgrade that resembles Lodestar's upper body minus the shoulders, arms, and head.
  • Lodestar's skin pattern can change like flowing ink with shifts in the magnetic field.[merch 9]
  • Ben 10 Ultimate Alien: The Complete Guide lists Lodestar as an Elecronian from the desert planet Electront.[merch 11][note 4]


  1. An issue of the K-Zone magazine (released before Lodestar's debut in Simple) and the Brazilian Ben 10: Ultimate Alien Online Editora Sticker Album state that Lodestar's homeworld is Attracta.[merch 1][merch 2] However, the magazine refers to him as a Magnosapien instead of a Biot-savartian, and the sticker album states that Ampfibian's homeworld is also Attracta,[merch 3] despite the 57th issue of the Cartoon Network Action Pack comic series stating that Ampfibian's homeworld is Tesslos.[merch 4] In 2023, a Berlin Sticker album claimed once again that the planet of the Biot-Savartians is Attracta,[merch 5] this time with the Amperis being said to come from Amperia.[merch 6] Thus, the wiki does not consider Attracta to be Lodestar's homeworld.
  2. Lodestar's species was revealed in Vendetta as "Biot-savartian",[merch 7] which aired on March 6, 2010 internationally. That same day, an anonymous user edited Lodestar's page to add "Biosovartian" as Lodestar's species, and later changed it to "Biosovortian". The species' page was created with that name on March 15, 2010 by another anonymous user. On March 30, 2011, TheRealBenvictor97 renamed the species' page to "Biotsavartian", citing Dwayne McDuffie. The same user changed the species' name on Lodestar's page to "Biotsavartian" on March 31, 2011. These two edits were later reverted by Orion Invictus on April 20, 2011 and by BlazeCannon15 on April 2, 2011, and the misspelling of the name remained on the wiki until August 16, 2021. In that time, "Biosovortian" was listed as Lodestar's species in an issue of the official Ben 10 magazine.[merch 8] Later, this name was mentioned in Berlin's 2023 sticker album.[merch 5][4]
  3. This information comes from the Brazilian Ben 10: Ultimate Alien Online Editora Sticker Album. Translated: "Water makes me all rusty."[merch 10]
  4. On October 3, 2009, an anonymous user edited Lodestar's page, claiming that Lodestar was an Elecronian from the planet Electront. The page was later edited by another anonymous on October 7, 2009, referring to Electront as a desert planet. The species and planet names would remain on the page until January 2, 2010, though they were temporarily added back to the page on March 1, 2010 by the user who originally added them to the page, before the edit was undone by Linkmadara. Ben 10 Ultimate Alien: The Complete Guide, released in September 2010, would later refer to Lodestar as an Elecronian from the desert planet Electront. The origin of these names remains unknown. Within the series, Lodestar was stated to be a Biot-savartian,[2][3] and the name of his homeworld was never revealed.



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